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Leads management software is a smart way for lead evaluation with analytics tools. bpm'online allows to use the dashboards to analyze statistics on leads, such as number and quality of the new leads, conversion rate, etc.

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What does a lead management software mean?

Lead management software is a platform which allows to qualify, generate and distribute leads. With its help you can make sure you know all the detail before transferring the lead into an opportunity or an order. This CRM system keeps the records of the communications history in accordance with the sales process. Now you can see if the client is ready for making an order and you can set up a necessary business process in one click. Here the dashboard on key lead indicators will come you in handy.

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Lead qualification

  • Thoroughly qualify each lead to save time by working only with sales-ready leads./li>
  • Use bpm’online sales for merging lead duplicates, link a lead to the relevant account, enrich lead data with insightful intelligence to get it fully prepared for a sales follow up.

Forecast sales based on the variable criteria

  • Make sure your goals are achieved with bpm’online sales forecasting tools.
  • You can easily plan sales volumes by managers, accounts or industries.
  • Compare indicators across periods and apply smart filtering tools to get the information you need within a matter of seconds.

Lead generation

  • Bpm’online sales has all the right tools for capturing and tracking leads through a broad range of sources.
  • Add leads from different sources into the single database in just a few clicks.
  • Let bpm’online sales automatically verify the data, create a new contact and guide you through the process of lead management.

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