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Bpm’online marketing is a cloud-based CRM designed to manage complex omnichannel communication excelling demand generation.

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Leverage multichannel communications and get a better understanding of your customers by employing out-of-the-box best practice processes for efficient marketing automation.

What is marketing automation platform?

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, various companies need to devise innovative strategies to attract new customers faster. Coordinated workflows are the key to a successful business, as it is your marketing team’s responsibility to produce as many high-quality leads for the sales department. Marketing is no longer solely about PR or brand awareness. Nowadays, marketers are measuring the performance of their campaigns in accordance with strict KPIs . At the same time, marketers are multitasking and managing various responsibilities like lead generation and lead nurturing. Exploiting all available communication channels to reach your potential clients, keeping potential buyers warm until they become sales-ready and analyzing the progress of your marketing campaigns would be extremely time-consuming tasks if it weren’t for top marketing automation platforms like bpm’online, which is a technological toolset developed to automate key marketing operations. The deployment of a powerful marketing automation platform improves the productivity of your marketing department with the following features:

  • Customer database segmentation
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Lead generation and distribution
  • Email marketing tools
  • Event management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Knowledge management
  • Integration capabilities

Why using marketing automation platforms?

Bpm’online marketing software enables companies of all types to streamline, automate and evaluate marketing activities from demand generation to lead management and eventually devolving to sales. Marketing teams and professionals can benefit by determining specific workflow values and outcomes that are then stored and executed by automated marketing platform.

Start improving and optimizing your marketing efforts with understanding your data. With bpm’online you can control your entire performance while getting a 360 degree view of the people who matter most. Send mass emails to your target audience, track new leads and easily transform them into opportunities step by step following the best practice out-of-the-box processes, increasing efficiency of marketing campaigns and minimizing human errors.

Best marketing automation platform to ensure the ideal customer journey

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most effective features that a marketing automation platform has to offer:

Website behavior tracking

Website behavior tracking enables you to get a better understanding of who your potential customers are. With website behavior tracking at your disposal, you can get an opportunity to find out who is actually interested in your products or services and who is just browsing. For example, you can discover what specific pages the person visited and how much time they spent there. In addition, your marketers will know the location, time of visit and so forth. All of the aggregated data is automatically channeled to the marketing automation platform and attached to leads profile.

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Lead management

Marketing automation platform aids in tracking visitors’ behavior on your website, but also enables you to identify lead generation channels and sources. All data is stored in the lead profiles and is displayed in dashboard analytics. You can track the efficiency of lead generation sources used in your marketing activities and keep your focus on the best performing channels while improving the underperforming ones. Automated lead qualification is another useful feature that your marketers will definitely appreciate. You can link the leads to relevant accounts and enrich lead data with insightful intelligence that can be leveraged during sales follow up.

Enterprise Social Network

In order to boost the productivity of your marketing team and improve collaboration of your marketers, bpm’online has developed its own communication platform that is called the Enterprise Social Network. ESN has the look and feel of everyone’s favorite social network. It has been developed for employees to keep their finger on the pulse of their marketing campaigns, projects, deals or even contacts from various channels with an option to comment, share and “like” different posts in the newsfeed. You can also use the ESN in the bpm’online mobile app as well.

Mobile marketing automation platform

The need to access critical customer data using different gadgets at any given time and location has made mobile automation platforms extremely popular. That is why bpm’online has developed the best mobile marketing automation platform for your marketers to access the necessary customer information from any device. You can schedule your activities, meetings or calls using a smartphone or a tablet. Save all your presentations in the knowledge base and show them during a customer meeting right from your mobile device. Update and add contact, account and lead information to the system as a result of the meeting for future references. You can even use the mobile app offline –data will be instantly synchronized as soon as you get beck online.

Personalized email marketing

Customer satisfaction is the most important indication of your success, thus the strategy of customer centricity affects every aspect of a business. Not only do marketing teams need to determine their target audience appropriately, they also need to address each of their leads personally. An individual approach to every customer is essential if you want to establish a community of loyal customers. Leverage the capabilities of contact management tools to personalize your communications with clients. Start emails with a personal greeting and personalize email content using the built-in content designer. Make the most of your email communications with little to no effort! Segment target audiences, schedule bulk emails, send mass e-shots to a target audience and track responses with a few clicks of a mouse.

Automated lead nurturing campaigns

Lead nurturing is an important process that concentrates on educating sales qualified leads who are not yet ready to buy. You can have a better understanding of your buyers’ needs and preferences based on who and where they are in the buying process. You can keep your prospects engaged by providing the most relevant and engaging content for their particular situation. Improve the efficiency of your lead nurturing campaigns by providing engaging content until your leads can be transformed into opportunities. An advanced marketing automation platform lets you to monitor qualified sales leads and automate content delivery through different marketing channels.

Bpm’online’s marketing automation platform provides a comprehensive set of tools to help businesses improve their marketing efficiency and stay ahead of the competition:

  • 360° customer view
  • Lead management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Email-marketing
  • Event management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Business process management
  • Knowledge management
  • Synchronization and integration
  • System designer

Bpm’online has been widely recognized as one of the best cloud CRM solutions by key industry analysts, receiving multiple awards

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