Why Mobile CRM Is Important for Your Business

Mobile CRM is very important for contemporary businesses, this is why you should find a reliable mobile CRM platform vendor to improve your business process and results overall.

Why it’s important to have a mobile CRM?


The fact that the number of mobile internet users has outgrown PC users has affected many things. Furthermore, the trend of growing mobile users doesn’t seem to be stopping, making it an important fact that needs to be accepted and understood.


This change has made business change as well. Mobile is all about convenience and today customers and users alike want to be able to perform actions and get information through their mobile devices in real-time, without having to wait.


The same thing applies for employees as well, they are used to using their mobile devices to do things. Instead of fighting this, embrace it and turn it into your advantage.


With mobile software, your employees across the world can update their colleagues through their mobile devices and make sure that customers get real-time information.

What does Mobile CRM Mean?

A mobile CRM is a CRM solution that comes with a mobile-optimized app which can be used by sales, marketing, and customer support employees while they are in the field. The only thing they need is a tablet or a smartphone and stable internet connection to be able to connect to the CRM and use it as they would through their laptops or desktop computers.

The app versions of software are used almost identically as desktop versions, but they are streamlined and simplified even further to make it easier for employees to quickly perform actions in the field, such as data entry. The best CRM solutions are designed to simplify the usage and optimize it for mobile devices, while at the same time allowing all its features and functionalities to be used effectively.

Simply put, the first step was to create comprehensive platforms for customer relationship management that companies can utilize in their work environments and the second step is to make them available on any device, no matter where the users are located. This is how you can ensure that you are making the most out of your software solutions.

Advantages of bpm'online mobile CRM software

Managing all of your opportunities

No matter where your employees are, they will always be able to manage their opportunities effectively with our software. Employees in the field sometimes need quick information in order to catch an opportunity and take proper steps, and this is where this CRM software comes in.

Empower your employees to track the history of each deal, clarify details, and plan their further steps using the bpm’online sales mobile app. With your salespeople having instant access to all of this valuable information, they will be able to offer potential customers better options and increase the number of their sales.

Your employees will always be ready to take on any potential opportunity they come across. They will never lack information, as they can use their mobile phones to access the app and get everything they need to make a sale. Sales cycles will be shorter, as you can deliver your customers the information they need right on the spot.

Better account and contact management

Access all the critical information about your customers from any mobile device. You can easily work with accounts and contacts: add new ones, write SMS messages or make calls right from the mobile app. One of the most important things for on-field salespeople is to have the information about their contacts, add new information when needed, and approach them the right way.

Bpm’online sales mobile app gives users a great view of all the possible opportunities. Additionally, to make the jobs of salespeople even easier, it offers view customizations based on different priorities. When viewing an account, employees can see all of the most important information of that contact, which is updated in real time.

For example, if a salesperson is out of the office looking to approach leads, he or she can quickly be updated with new accounts or contacts that can provide them all of the information they need to get closer to a lead. This means not having to get back to the office and collaborating with their peers at the office.

Organizing meetings and activities

Plan your activities, meetings or calls using a smartphone or tablet. Save all your presentations in the knowledge base and show them during a customer meeting right from your mobile device. Update and add contact, account and opportunity information to the system as a result of the meeting, for future references.

Simply put, you can prepare all the activities and meetings with leads or customers in advance and attach the relevant information to the right account or contact. This way you will never forget important details or the material you need to negotiate deals.

With our app your salespeople will never make mistakes or forget about their prospects. When you forget about a potential customer owns, chances are that they will consider you unprofessional and never want to do business with you again.

Ability to choose from different devices

A lot of sales teams use different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tables. People usually switch between these devices very often and they have to do this to adjust to situations and make quick notes or changes.

A fully mobile software allows users to switch between devices unobstructed with the resolution adjusting instantly, and data being synced in real-time. This means that users will easily be able to switch a device and continue where they left off without having to wait for updates or do them manually.

Improved data quality

When a whole sales team relies only on a desktop CRM to do their jobs, there’s a lot of room for potential mistakes. The issues occur when salespeople are needed out in the field and they need to input valuable data after finishing their meetings, gaining new insights or having to make appointments.

They will have to wait until they’ve finished all of their work outside of the office and get back to make all of the changes. Furthermore, there is a strong possibility that they will have to finish additional tasks before coming back to the office.

This means that there is enough time for them to forget important things that they wanted to add to the CRM or simply lose the context of their insights and information. With a mobile solution, they can add and change data as they go, leaving nothing to chance and minimizing mistakes.

Bpm’online CRM software delivers end-to-end processes to manage a complete customer journey – from lead to order, and to ongoing account maintenance

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