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Advantages of bpm'online CRM programs

Interactions and communication history

Build relationships with customers based on a complete history of their communication patterns. Bpm’online sales keeps track of every interaction with an account or contact, including meetings and calls, contracts, orders and invoices. This enables you to evaluate the progress of your relationships, change your approach to achieve better results and make well-thought data-driven decisions.

CRM programs: Interactions and communication history

Data import from / to Excel

Employ a built-in utility for data import from / to Excel to quickly import or export your accounts and contacts data, product catalogue, documents and invoices, etc.

CRM programs: Data import from / to Excel

User customization

Customize bpm’online customer service to fit the unique business needs and requirements. Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields and entire pages. The application provides wizards and designers for objects, pages and processes. Use these tools to change the data views or business logics without programming.

CRM programs: User customization

Unified case database

Accumulate all cases from your customers and partners in one section of the system. In bpm’online customer service you can classify the cases by type: incidents, service requests, advisory services. The system also allows you to assign agents and teams, regulate timelines for case resolution and manage communications during case resolution.

CRM programs: Unified case database

Incidents and service requests

Register all customer cases in bpm’online service enterprise. Arrange cases by categories: incidents, service requests, advisory services. The system allows the assigning of agents or groups of agents, regulation of resolution timeframes and management of communications.

CRM programs: Incidents and service requests

Agent home

Manage your daily tasks more effectively using the pre-configured single window interface. The Agent Home allows agents to easily manage case queues, make multiuser communications, share the information via ESN and monitor their own performance in a single window.

CRM programs: Agent home