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Sales collaboration enables your sales representatives to cooperate and share valuable information. Unite managers from different departments and business units to save time. Teamwork just got simple with bpm’online.

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What does sales collaboration mean?

The need to transform a group of individuals into an effective team has never been more apparent. Your team has to be equipped with the best sales collaboration tools available if they want to become efficient and reach your business goals.

Connect with Your Team. Communication is the heart of any business. Provide your sales representatives with a comprehensive sales collaboration platform they can use to connect with one another and work as a result-driven team. Managers can also benefit, as they can inform the entirety of their sales team through various communication channels and important notifications will never be lost.

Single Platform for Planning. No matter where your sales representatives are, you can use bpm’online to collaborate with all of them to organize future events, arrange meetings or schedule important tasks. Bpm'online's sales collaboration tools enable sales reps to synchronize their tasks and calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange, and access the information in one single engaging user interface.

Establish an Efficient Sales Pipeline. Your sales force team can easily get lost in an infinite amount of data unless they methodically follow every step of the sales process map. Excellent sales collaboration software enables you to timely inform your team members when there is any progress in the sales pipeline. Easily share documents between co-workers on every stage of the sales process using bpm’online.

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Advantages of sales collaboration platform in bpm’online

Accurate Metrics Bring Transparency to Sales Processes

Monitor the overall productivity of your sales representatives and inspect the outcome on every step of the sales pipeline. Judging by the total number of successful events, productive calls, emails or any other metrics you choose, you can assess the progress of every sales representative

Metrics in Sales Collaboration Software

Share Knowledge & Best Practices

Empower your sales reps with an intuitive and easy-to-use sales collaboration software so that they can easily share important documents, valuable experiences and other essential content, which will result in extensive distribution of best practices.

Best Practices in Sales Collaboration

Collaborate with Field Force

Bpm'online provides all the necessary tools to keep up with your field sales representatives. Arm your field force with an intuitive mobile app so that they have access to their tasks and other important information always at hand.

Field Force in Sales Collaboration

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