Secure impeccable approach to sales and distribution with the bpm’online CRM

In the world where everything could be bought or sold, the main competition is wedged on the market for the best way to sell and the best way to approach a customer.


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Modern civilization in order to make that process more effective has done two best things: invented a wheel that is an old news and developed the CRM system to increase the sales capacity. That new hot software is rapidly becoming the most indispensable sales tool. There are several steps in the sales process and innumerable number of ways to approach them:



In order to sell a product or a service despite of what it is one needs to determine who might need it and clearly understand the demanding target audience. Discovering the broad range of interested potential clients we slowly but surely coming to the next step of dividing them into subcategories to establish personal approach and entice them with your particular product.


Be informed

Information owns the world and the one who has it owns the customer loyalty. Personalization of customer approach has proven to be the most effective way to ensure repeat sales. In order to be closer to your customers you have to gather information on their needs and interests that is possible to do with the CRM system.


Reach out

Contact your customer at the convenient time with the relevant information, offering the product that is of need or interest. Automate the process with the CRM and leave your employees free for the personal contact with the selected prospects.



Ensure the timely delivery elaborating the best logistics and monitor the process through the system. Segment the delivery according to different approaches: mass, selective and exclusive.



Gather all the statistics from the system and analyze the results with the help of the analytical tools of the CRM, find bottlenecks of the process and eliminate any possible issues to improve customer experience.

So, how all that could be insured with the simple implementation of the bpm’online CRM platform? All the functionality of the platform is too vast to be described. So, let us see which features could cover the above sales process.

Bpm’online Sales

360° customer view

Enrich the system with the potential leads. The sources of leads will be systemized and indicated in the system. Complete the profiles with the help of the system using social media and open source information. Record and use to your advantage the history of the interactions with the client or prospect.

Collaboration tools

Use the enterprise social network to communicate with your colleagues and stay always up-to-date with the newest developments through the communication panel. Contact your clients from the system sending them emails, texts and calling them within a click. Plan your activities in the calendar and get notifications and reminders from the system not to forget any detail.

Business Process Management

Build your own workflow with the intelligent business process drag and drop tool. It will provide hints on how to build the most efficient process. Also, you will have ready-to-use library of the efficient processes that has been successfully implemented around the world in your field. Use analytical data, making sure you are on the right track.

Lead Management

Capture and track your leads. The system will check and verify the data for you, and lead will pass through qualification process, making sure your sales department would work only with credible information and hot leads. Distribution tool will help assigning the correct employee to every case.

Opportunity management

Monitor and manage the opportunity with the system, track and analyze all the information pertinent to the negotiation and use it to your advantage. Use history of every interaction to note the details that can change the outcome. Use key indicators to ensure the successful turn out of every opportunity. Use the sales pipeline tools and analytics to analyze the weak points and improve the overall performance.

Orders and invoices

Deal with orders in organized and timely manner with single window for order processing that will automate most of the work, leaving only several clicks for the employee to do to complete the order. Integration will give you an opportunity to configure even automatic order registration of orders. Arrange supply schedule templates to deal with clients and vendors. Issue invoices from the system and it will remind the client not to forget about the payment date.

Field sales management

Work through your logistics with the system that will help you to track your reps visits through the geo-tags. Elaborate the field rules, making sure the conformity of your company representatives and completeness of the process is being executed. Use the mobile phone to check out any detail at any given time to make the most impressive offers.

Sales forecasting

Set the achievable and challenging goals for your managers and executives by using smart filtering and analytical tools of the system. Evaluate the possibilities and calculate the most probable results.

Contract management

Keep a single contract database to be able to find the needed one within a click. Store all the amendments and editions of the contract just in case you need to trace the negotiations deviations. Create the contract manually or let the system create it automatically based on the order.

Product management

Manage single product catalogue to keep all the information up-to-date. Group your products according to the attributes to make it easier to find all necessary products for specific orders. All-in-one window product selection will let you check the availability of the product in stock and make the whole process effortless.

Document flow automation

Approve your documents automatically by setting the approval process. Manage the document database, attach documents to clients and accounts, and create new documents from preset templates filling them with the data from the system.

Project management

Deal with the projects in time and cost-effective way by planning the execution schedule, setting deadlines, giving tasks and monitoring the process of its fulfillment. Evaluate the efficiency of the team and control the upcoming deadlines with reminders.

Mobile sales

Communicate and get updates anywhere you are from your mobile phone. Use online and offline modes according to your needs. Check on the crucial details right before important meeting, getting the needed information from the system within seconds.

System designer

Adjust the system to your taste and requirements, making it a comfortable environment for your work.

Knowledge management

Keep a convenient knowledge database for your employees to be able to find the necessary answers within seconds without disturbing their colleagues. Store interesting articles on the product, scripts and any other valuable information in one place.

Synchronization and integration

Integrate with the necessary software be it Google, MS Outlook or any other that makes your work more efficient. Import and export data in and out of the system with no trouble and in several clicks.