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Bpm’online sales is cloud sales force automation software to manage the entire customer journey.

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What is sales force automation?

Sales force automation (SFA) is end-to-end sales management software that provides a complete control over the entire customer journey – from lead to order, and repeat sales. Proficient sales automation software automatically registers all stages of the company's sales process including a system for tracking customer contacts and a system for identifying potential customers.

Statistic data proves the ineffectiveness of any organization without the competent planning of the sales process: 60% of companies close for this reason during the first three years of operation.

Automated Sales System

For any business, an important component of success is an intelligent sales system. It must operate perfectly, especially considering rapidly growing market and high competition; the system should be fast and accurate, allowing for a minimum of errors. In the battles for the market share, only the strongest survive, and the sales system is a very powerful weapon that can significantly change the alignment of forces. Working with a proper Sales Force Automation system, a manager has the full information on the orders, which enables him to react in a timely manner to changing situation, give the necessary recommendations to his subordinates, check the stock of production and adjust the processes to increase sales volume.

Bpm’online sales is a cloud-based CRM system for sales force automation to drive successful customer acquisition, development and retention. The solution has a set of built-in best practice sales processes that guide sales reps step-by-step through the most effective actions to liberate sales bottlenecks and get the most out of the sales pipeline.

Moreover, bpm’online’s SFA software enables users to connect sales processes with the lead generation pipeline, account management and service delivery stages to ensure a positive and personalized experience for each customer.

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Advantages of sales force automation with bpm’online

The agility to change sales force automation processes on-the-go

All bpm’online applications are backed by a powerful BPM engine, which enables design, execution and modification of business processes in real time to stay tuned to the new business environment. With the help of an intuitive visual process designer, users can easily make necessary changes to existing processes, as there is no coding required.

Business processes in sales force automation
Marketing, Service and Sales Force Automation

Marketing, sales and service on one platform

Bpm’online capabilities go far beyond traditional sales force automation systems. By merging marketing, sales and service on one single CRM platform, companies can benefit from obtaining a complete view of the customer journey – from demand generation and lead capturing to repeat sales and successful account maintenance.

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