Sales process management: clear sales pipeline is the way to success

Want to see a complete sales pipeline clearly? Looking for the tool to improve and master your sales workflow? Look no further, with bpm’online sales you will be able to manage your sales process in the best possible way.


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Bpm’online sales the best way for sales process management of your pipeline

With the increase of the number of sales corporations and ways to sell products and service, the main difference between organizations is the approach to the customer. So how to make your customer feel special and unique? The first thing that comes to mind is the sales processes management.

You can develop an outstanding approach and specific procedures but you need to be able to see it in action to understand their efficiency. The only possibility to do so is the system that can support clear visibility of complex operations with multilevel approach along with the analytical component.

One might ask what is the point in the visibility feature but it is really crucial in regards of the improvement of the processes and determination of the pain points.

The main current issues of the sales management are the following:

  • Storage of the relevant information in regards of the lead, account and contact, in order not to miss the crucial detail that might influence the sale.
  • Storage of the relevant documents connected to the corresponding leads or accounts in your system.
  • Invoices that seem to be the troublesome part of the order, which could be time consuming to generate if a sales rep needs to do everything manually.
  • Flexibility and mobility of the system. You need to be able to access it from any place in the world to find some answers to an unexpected question of the client or to update the necessary information if you are not in the office.

Fine-tune your sales processes with bpm’online sales!

Bpm’online as the best sales process management system

Current CRM systems can offer many features to deal with the above mentioned issues but the complexity of the systems and poor visibility are not as satisfying as one might hope for. So the best option for the sales pipeline management is the simple system that could be adjusted to the particular requirements of the company and maintain the clear visibility of the process. All that is necessary to ensure the constant improvement capabilities and analytics to make appropriate turns on your development paths.

So let us regard bpm’online sales processes automation tool that can satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

360° customer view

Collect all the information about your contact, account and lead in one place. Track all the history of the interactions with notes from all the previous conversations, to make sure you do not miss anything crucial. Let the system fulfill any gaps with intelligent enrichment tool to have the full picture. And use the analytics to choose the most appropriate approach to every prospect.

Collaboration tools

Integrate your email into the system and stay tuned to all the hottest news with the Enterprise Social Network. It provides you with the ability to ask your colleagues for immediate assistance and be the first one to get the newest updates. Plan your tasks in the calendar to always be on time, make calls to clients from the system and enjoy comfortable work environment.

Business Process Management

Create and develop your own sales processes using the experience of the world’s best practices. Elaborate and test your boldest ideas regarding the innovative approach to the sales procedures. Use simple drag and drop tools to invent your unique sales management approach.

Lead Management

Capture leads from different sources into one database, let the system check the completeness of the profiles automatically. Effortlessly qualify leads and work only with the sales ready ones sending the rest to nurturing. Distribute leads to the appropriate representatives to work with to ensure the best result.

Opportunity management

Manage to create personal approach to every sales opportunity. Save interactions history and qualify the lead taking into account different factors to proceed with the opportunity with deeply personal attitude. Keep a close eye on the whole sales pipeline not to lose the prospect during proposal of contracting. The system will help you to monitor the process taking into account every detail.

Field sales management

Feel the freedom of possibilities with the capability to work outside the office. Establish field sales rules to create standard process for the field representative to follow.

Sales forecasting

Set reachable but challenging goals with the precise forecasting of the sales processes. Analyze the results of the team and their approach to find the tips that work and increase the success rate.

Contract management

Eliminate the most boring part of the document composition and let the system do it for you, allowing your sales representatives more time for the clients. Establish the system approval procedure not to waste any time for waiting on signature.

Product management

Unify the product catalogue, assigning the attributes to the products to simplify the search for your employees.

Document flow automation

Manage the documents you have within the system assigning and connecting them to the corresponding accounts and contacts, relating several of them to keep it organized.

Project management

Handle projects within the system taking care about the cost, workload and any other detail you might think of from the system, don’t leave any detail without attention.

Mobile sales

Use your phone as the extension of your system to receive hot updates and find necessary information even away from the office. Keep in touch with colleagues whenever and wherever you need.

Knowledge management

Correctly organized library of inner information can ease any process of onboarding or simple search for necessary information. Segment the articles the way you consider to be convenient to use and enjoy your working day without constant flow of questions from the team just tell them where they can find it on their own.

Synchronization and integration

Import and export data in and out of the system without any difficulties. Integrate with Google, Outlook and Exchange.

System designer

Adapt the system to your particular needs customizing field and lookups. Add, remove or rearrange any part of the page to suit your particular requirements.

Make a step forward, clear your way to vision your future success with bpm’online sales management!