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Sales tracker app is a tool, which allows you to keep details of all possible aspects on all orders. With its help, you can forecast the next sale and get a conversion.

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What does a sales tracker mean?

If you have been searching for a sales tracker, you are on the right page. Bpm’online is a CRM system, which has features of a sales tracking software. With its help, any manager as well as business owner can easily track all sales activities and forecast if the sales team is going to meet the goal. CRM tool allows you to see if the lead is ready and if you can convert it. This is an important tool for sales force.

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Forecast sales based on the variable criteria

  • Make sure your goals are achieved with bpm’online sales forecasting tools.
  • You can easily plan sales volumes by managers, accounts or industries.
  • Compare indicators across periods and apply smart filtering tools to get the information you need within a matter of seconds.

Hand-off to sales

  • Make sure you know all the detail before transferring the lead into an opportunity or an order.
  • Record the history of communications in accordance with the sales process.
  • If the customer is ready to make an order, initiate the appropriate business process in one click. Use the action dashboard to focus only on key lead indicators.

Analyze progress to meet and exceed sales quota

  • Evaluate the probability of meeting sales quotas using the plan vs. actual analysis tools in bpm’online.
  • When calculating results the system takes into account both, the amount of closed deals and the amount of opportunities in the pipeline with their probabilities of closure.
  • With the help of bpm’online sales, managers can easily analyze sales reps efficiency and make the process of reaching sales goals transparent and clear.

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