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Modern telemarketing agencies work in a very competitive field. To keep leading positions in this environment they need to embrace rapid technology change and growing customer demands.

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The Benefits of bpm'online Telemarketing Software

For telemarketing companies or other types of large call centers, implementing CRM and Contact Center management software can be invaluable in a variety of ways.

First, by adopting the use of a single CRM product throughout your company, you will simplify and streamline your current business processes. If you do not currently have a centralized CRM database of customer information, it’s likely that each of your employees is tracking customer data in their own way, making information sharing challenging. Having a single interface for tracking customers will reduce data entry time by eliminating previous duplication of effort across your employees, as well as give everyone a complete view of campaigns and results throughout the organization.

Next, CRM software can help you save time, as the software can be customized to help you complete tasks with fewer screen clicks. Additionally, it can automate processes which previously took up dozens of valuable man hours, such as sending emails and advertising mailings.

Furthermore, CRM system will help your company execute campaign management like never before. Telemarketing businesses can be particularly assisted by sales prospect demographic maps which allow for more targeted campaigns. The software can even go so far as to assign sales agents to specific tasks and reallocate resources as tasks are completed.

Finally, CRM software will provide your company with sophisticated and greatly enhanced reporting abilities. It has customized analytic tools which produce graphical reports to quantify team performance, detail agent statistics, and monitor company processes. All of this data can be easily downloaded from the system and emailed in mere moments.

Therefore, the use of customer relationship system will greatly impact the business of a telemarketing agency and improve its ROI.

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Advantages of Telemarketing CRM

Communication panel

Communicate with your team and customers directly from the system. Make calls, manage email, approve contracts and collaborate in the enterprise social network using the Communication panel. The system will notify on the most important tasks, so you will not miss any important event.

Communication panel in Telemarketing CRM

Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise social network (ESN) enables employees to better engage, collaborate, and share information. Sign up for updates from different channels, projects, or contacts. ESN allows users in different departments, business units, and geographies to discuss cases and solutions, share best practices, get answers to questions, ‘like’ or comment on posts, thus increasing employee engagement and productivity.

Enterprise Social Network Telemarketing CRM


Analyze productivity of service staff based on their tasks, emails and phone calls and track the dynamics of customer communications. You can also analyze a number of consultations per request or compare the average duration of consultations depending on service type and category of request. All graphs and dashboards are easily configurable, which helps to control and improve the service quality and enhance agents’ productivity.

Analytics in Telemarketing CRM

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