Web-based Contact Management Software

Bpm’online CRM is the cutting-edge web-based contact management software that ensures a detailed 360° customer view, allowing companies to effectively manage each stage of customer interactions.


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Key Differences between CRM and Web-based Contact Management Software

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Every company needs to put their customers at the heart of their strategy, as clients are the source of revenue, which will consistently increase if your organization is able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Web-based management software gains traction today as it allows companies to stay agile. To put it simply, online contact management software is a more elementary version of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which naturally includes contact management capabilities along with a rich set of other important features. Some businesses require a deployment of a complete CRM system, while implementation of a web-based contact management software is more than enough for other companies.

Cloud-based contact management system. Most likely, smaller organizations will not need a CRM, as a web-based contact management app will have sufficient functionality for a small business. Such solutions enable your team to access basic customer information, such as maintaining the single database of all accounts and contacts, their contact details, communication history, activities and calendars, etc. Contact management program is easy-to-use and does not possess abilities beyond tracking customer data.

CRM solution. Business owners, who require an extended range of capabilities, will definitely choose to go for the full implementation of bpm’online CRM. Unlike traditional online contact management software that only enables storing data in a structured manner, bpm’online CRM provides the ability to turn this data into an actionable insight, enabling organizations to constantly evolve customer-facing processes and align their marketing, sales and service activities on a single platform.