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Advantages of bpm'online web-based CRM software

Orders history

Keep track of the complete history of each order using bpm'online sales. The web based contact management system allows you to keep track of the complete chronology of activities, documents and communications per each particular order. Even with a change of the contact person all the agreements and conditions will be stated in the order, and the customer will get excellent service.

Web-based CRM software: Orders history

Trigger emails

Maintain a constant dialogue with your prospects and gradually nurture them. Set up trigger emails based on lead behavior on a website or other events, for example, a birthday, registration on a website, product comparison, abandoned shopping carts. Segment audiences by various criteria using smart filtering capabilities in bpm’online marketing and build up your communications with prospects that haven’t made any purchases for a while.

Web-based CRM software: Trigger emails


Store a complete information about planned and implemented releases in bpm’online service enterprise. The system helps to keep track of workloads, teams and deadlines associated with a release. You can specify the list of changes that should be included into a particular release and ensure their successful implementation.

Web-based CRM software: Releases
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