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Advantages of bpm'online CRM Strategy

Work with targeted segments of the audience

Add target audiences to bulk emails or events with the click of a mouse. Use quick filters to divide the audience by interest, role or other criteria and create dynamic folders for audience segments. Alternatively, create static folders and fill them manually. Build personalized campaigns for each segment. Easily generate leads and hand off only warm prospects to sales.

What is CRM strategy: Work with targeted segments of the audience

Socio-demographic data

Obtain a complete view of your customers. Store various information about your customer that include industry,company size, geography, noteworthy events, contacts’ career history, and many more in bpm’online marketing. Get to know your customers better, understand their preferences and build efficient personalized communications.

What is CRM strategy: Socio-demographic data

Visual process designer

Automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple to use visual process designer. Model processes in BPMN using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.

What is CRM strategy: Visual process designer
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