Workflow Automation

The easiest way to optimize unstructured and complicated business processes that require human resources involvement is workflow automation. In order to automate the workflow, business owner should implement CRM software.

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What does workflow automation mean?

Automate any internal process – from document approval to collaboration on complex projects involving multiple teams. Bpm’online workflow automation software provides a complete set of tools to effectively manage business processes, including process modelling, execution, monitoring and analysis. Take advantage of the industry best practices to ensure the maximum efficiency of business process management at your organization.

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Structured BPMN processes

  • Automate your structured business processes workflow with BPM (Business Process Management) technology.
  • Model the processes workflow using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.
  • A simple interface along with built-in tools for elements search and validation will help to quickly build a process model in BPMN as well as fine-tune it based on process execution analytics.

Process monitoring and analytics

  • Keep track of any process execution metrics (duration, average execution time, maximum and minimum values, etc.), using different variables (owners, support lines, services, etc.).
  • Visualize process data using bpm’online dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of easy-to-use process log.

Out-of-the-box ITSM processes

  • Take advantage of ITIL recommendations and process-driven ITSM approach to streamline services management and delivery and as well as set up automation in business.
  • Pre-packaged best practice processes help to simplify daily routine and increase service efficiency – your service agents just need to follow clear guidelines for each step of the process.

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