Workflow Automation

If business was math, success would be a simple equation: you take a capable team, add an automation tool, and you’ve got a success story. Though this could apply to any aspect of your business, the very first thing you should automate in your company is its day-to-day workflow.


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The process of automating work could involve anything from document management and newsletters to sales processes and customer support. But there is a specific type of automation – the one that could help you achieve and maintain momentum in terms of everyday efficiency and a long-term perspective.

When Should You Consider Workflow Automation?

Being the best viable solution when trying to solve issues connected to low productivity, inadequate operations and poor results, workflow automation is a key for improvement. Still, it neither means that you should wait for your efficiency rate to drop, nor that you should implement automation only after things have started to go downhill.

In fact, all technological processes used in a work environment can be improved after the workflow automation. This will double the efficiency.

Businesses should, therefore, consider automation whenever there’s a recurring string of tasks that threatens to become too much of an unnecessary workload. Traditionally, such strings were managed with outdated techniques, but now technology has a way of making our lives so much easier.

If your company is stuck in a rut, our automation tool will help it overcome the obstacles. If your company is doing fine as it is, our automation tool will help it become even better.

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What is Workflow Automation?

If the goal is to automate the workflow, then one has to define all individual steps in a process, and then find a way to automate them. This, of course, refers to those types of tasks that would otherwise require human labor without much brainwork, but that would need to be completed nevertheless.

So, when you think about workflow automation, think about how it will help the administration, and how it will break repetition and routine. A lot of lucrative business ideas never reach the light of day only because managers are too busy compiling to-do lists, scheduling assignments, and sending emails.

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How Workflow Automation Improves Efficiency

In order to empower employees, help them manage their time, and in turn boost their productivity, all the simplest, yet most time-consuming manual tasks should be fully automated.

As a result, employees will not only be able to devote their time and energy to burning issues that require out-of-the-box thinking, but they will also easily organize their workload themselves, without having to contact their managers each time a hiccup appears.

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Building Automated Business Processes

Whether it comes to document approval or collaboration on complex projects involving multiple teams, the main unit of business efficiency is a well-built process.

That’s why bpm’online workflow automation borrows the best practices from business process management and incorporates them into a smart system for modelling, executing, monitoring, and analyzing daily routines. Our technology is sophisticated, but our user interface is simple and intuitive.

While managers can use it to build, automate, and improve processes, employees can leverage it as means to get the work done. With tasks being automated, and the rest of the workflow being well-structured and monitored all the time, employees can focus only on the task at hand.

Instead of wasting their time and energy on managing workflow, they can finally focus on the actual work itself.

A Word on Eliminating Costs and Errors

If workload automation creates an employee who’s both effective and self-sufficient, then it must be able to eliminate the human error as well, right? Indeed, the automation practices and tools reduce discrepancies and oversights simply by modelling processes in a smart, infallible, and transparent way.

Moreover, our tool allows you to track and measure every single part of the process, to visualize process data and employees’ performance, and to pinpoint bottlenecks that slow down the progress.

You can finally relax and plan your budget according to your business goals and investments, not according to contingency protocols and damage control.

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Bpm’online Templates for Best Business Practices

Our workflow automation solution comes with a collection of built-in ITIL and ITSM tools.

But, bpm’online is not only about reducing the number of tasks.

It’s also about providing the fastest, most high-yielding process and workflow templates that are certain to fit into your business model and help your company achieve its goals.

The only thing your service agents would need to do is to follow predesigned step-by-step guidelines. They’re a part of our best practice process package, designed to help you establish what works the best, and apply it to your daily workflow and service management routine without much tweaking.

That way, automation allows you to stay on your business course in an organized and timely fashion, to accelerate your progress, gain and maintain momentum, and ultimately achieve your goals.