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Workflow process management is a process when a company uses workflow management software to automate standard business activities

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What does online workflow management software mean?

Business process’s management software is usually more human-centric, thus, coding knowledge is not necessarily required. Normally, such workflow program is used to automate business processes and it can be cloud-based, which makes this management app user-friendly and easy to work with online.

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Process monitoring and analytics

  • Keep track of any process execution metrics (duration, average execution time, maximum and minimum values, etc.), using different variables (owners, support lines, services, etc.).
  • Visualize process data using bpm’online dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your business process workflow with the help of easy-to-use process log.

DCM processes

  • Take advantage of Dynamic Case Management (DCM) to more flexibly manage unstructured, "untamed" processes.
  • DCM offers adaptable, context-based patterns that enable users to dynamically select the best path and set of activities to achieve more successful, optimized outcomes.
  • Thanks to a user-friendly Case Designer that is powered by drag-n-drop tools, users can effortlessly add and manage process stages and activities to have the process up and running in just a few minutes!

Business process management

  • Automate any internal process – from document approval to collaboration on complex projects involving multiple teams.
  • Bpm’online provides a complete set of tools to effectively manage business processes, including process modelling, execution, monitoring and analysis.
  • Take advantage of the industry best practices to ensure the maximum efficiency of workflow business process management at your organization.

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