Many business process improvement (BPI) leaders are looking to understand how cloud services and cloud platforms can help them improve business processes within their organizations, as well as interenterprise processes that touch partners, suppliers and customers.

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Value Added Distribution

Value added distributors more than other companies rely on a set of mission-critical processes that define their business. These processes often solve the same tasks and have the same names in different organizations that operate in the same industry. But the agility and performance of these processes determine the difference between leaders and the rest of the pack. Bpm'online helps to build, manage and enhance unique processes that result in a competitive advantage.

Successful experience and unique knowledge of the realities of VAD enable bpm'online to provide specific ways to accomplish the following goals:

Acquire More Customers

  • Increase performance with the help of automated business processes.
  • Forecast sales and manage deals.
  • Track customers through the entire lifecycle and provide an instant access to history of interactions.
  • Use an automated price selector when making quotation.
  • Automate error-prone paper work to free your employees and increase their efficiency:
    • Make price lists.
    • Generate quotations.
  • Instantly generate complex product bundles considering:
    • Profitability.
    • Taxes and expenses.
    • Special prices and discounts.
  • Enjoy productivity increases stemming from the online library of company documents.
  • Perform comparative analyses for current and historical sales pipelines.

Minimize Project Costs

  • Manage projects:
    • Assemble a project team.
    • Work strictly under business processes.
    • Assign tasks to employees.
    • Gain a full vision of a project advancement.
  • Manage project documents:
    • Create documents for accountants right in the CRM solution, integrate it with the business accounting software.
    • Approve documents.
    • Maintain different document versions.
  • Calculate project profitability.

Deliver First-Class Service

  • Define and automate the rules that are specific to your organization. E.g.:
    • Get a notification to respond to a customer in a specific period of time, defined by service agreements.
    • Automatically assign a priority level to incoming requests respective to a customer segment.
  • Gain a complete history of interactions related to any request.
  • Track a complete history of any piece of your equipment.
  • Specify “problematic” products.
  • Get a 360-degree view of customers’ requests and employee workload.

Promote Products

  • Plan a budget, time and a target audience for your marketing campaigns.
  • Tie responses of your campaigns into opportunities to measure a campaign’s impact.
  • Use multiple parameters to segment your customers.
  • Automate routine tasks.
  • Track your competitors.

Increase Collaboration

  • Get an instant access to the employee database throughout all subsidiaries.
  • Align processes with company goals.
  • Measure performance of processes in real-time.
  • Enhance staff collaboration with process consistency.
  • Apply unified standards to streamline employee training.