Visual process designer

Automate critical business processes using a powerful yet simple to use visual process designer. Design processes in BPMN using pre-configured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.

User wizard for quick process modeling

Designing and building a process has never been easier! Just indicate the sequence of actions and owners, and the system will automatically generate relevant diagram in BPMN and the process is ready to run!

Process library

Automate any processes in bank customer center – from case management to problem resolution. Best practice processes are already built in the system, but they also can be easily modified to fit any specific service model.

Process monitoring and analytics

Keep track of any process metrics (duration, average time of running, maximum and minimum values, etc.) and view them from different angles (agents, support lines, services, etc.). Visualize data using dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of process log.