Unified bank products catalog

Regardless of the complexity and size of your bank’s product and service portfolio, be certain you can manage them all in bpm’online bank customer center. Each product can leverage an unlimited number of parameters: interest rates, terms, repayment schedules and many others. Incorporate any changes to the product catalog quickly and easily and start selling new or updated products in a matter of hours. This can be a real game changer for banks and other financial institutions as they gain the agility to update the catalog and make new products available for front-office sales quickly and efficiently.

Cross and up sales

Greatly increase the bank’s cross and up sales with bpm’online bank customer center. The system prompts the most relevant products based on customer preferences, interaction history and products previously used so that front-office agents could offer customers exactly what they would be most interested in.


Analyze bank’s product catalog to get a multidimensional view of the product portfolio and make well-thought decisions. Visualize data on customizable dashboards, track each product’s KPIs in real time.