Data input control

Improve the quality of the data using automatic audit. The data is verified across tempates, internal or external directories, logical rules. For example, the system will notify about a nonexistent phone number, verify the address in the address classifier while checking the required fields of the customer application.

Fraud prevention

Use a powerful 'black lists' tool to verify credit history of clients. Automatic verification within internal and external databases will identify ‘at risk applicants’ at an early stage of the application process.

Scanning and photography

Speed up data entry by using the built-in integration with scanners and cameras. Scan copies of key documents are automatically attached to the application form and the relevant fields of the application form are instantly filled with the recognized text. It only takes seconds to make a photo using a web-camera and save the image in the system.

Application structure management


Improve the application structure to enhance customer experience. You can change the sequence of fields in the form, hide some fields or add new ones if necessary.