Planned loan repayment

Accelerate loan repayments processing with built-in processes for loan servicing. The system generates alerts for loan payment dates and enables loan servicing in a single window.

Early partial repayment

Use bpm'online lending to process early partial repayment plan. The system automatically recalculates the payments and corrects the calculation of interest.

Early full repayment

Calculate the remaining payments for early full repayment (including a penalty, commission and other payments). Once the full payment is received the system will run the process of loan closing.

Loan closing

Initiate the procedure for the loan closing. Easily get the approval from all bank departments on-line and print prepared documents directly from the system.

Monitoring the financial status of the borrower

Constantly monitor and analyze the financial status of customers, preventing them from over extending their credit.

Insurance monitoring

Monitor the insurances, which are connected to loan agreements. The system helps to keep a record of all insurance policies and timely processes their renewals.