A suitable CRM solution empowers businesses and help them gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is crucial to make a well-informed CRM buying decision. According to Garnet, CRM Market is expected to become a $37 billion industry by the end of 2017 while 2016 Forrester’s CRM adoption survey shows that 55% of polled enterprises have implemented, implementing or expending their CRM ecosystem. Follow the best practice guidelines and make a right CRM decision in 2017!

With over one trillion dollars spent annually on sales teams, maximizing sales productivity is a critical goal for every enterprise. For this purpose, it is important to measure the KPIs and outcomes at each stage of the sales process. Having the benchmarks to assess performance makes companies better equipped for today’s new selling environment. Leveraging a process-driven sales automation tool can help manage sales metrics to achieve the heightened win rates every company seeks.
By linking marketing, sales and service your company can find new ways to use its current resources to bring more leads, retain your current customers and enhance service management while excelling overall customer experience. Take a look at how blending your processes into a single driving machine can help your organization achieve desired business outcomes faster.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics are becoming much more of a practical part of customer service. By 2018, 50% of agent interactions will be influenced by real-time analytics and the use of virtual customer assistants (VCAs) will jump by 1,000% by 2020. Intelligent tools can deliver a better self-service solution, help service teams provide faster support and enhance the overall customer experience across different channels.