Business Process Automation as a Tool for Increasing Productivity

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Day to day business processes are handled automatically with the help of CRM and BPM technologies, freeing up workers to take on tasks that demand more human engagement. This covers processes from different sections of a business including marketing, sales, service, management and more.

To provide greater clarity, it is important to define what business processes are. These can simply be defined as any series of actions and steps that a business repeatedly takes in order to achieve a specific business goal. The key word here is “repeatedly”, and automating these steps and actions that have to be taken repeatedly is what business process automation is all about.

Examples of business processes that can be automated include: order to bill processes, quote to sale processes, procurement to payment processes, plan to inventory processes, employee onboarding processes, payroll processing, service processes and many more.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

Automating business processes such as those listed above offers certain benefits to any organization. Some of these benefits include:

These are just a few benefits that a company can enjoy from automating its business processes.

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Choosing a Business Process Automation Tool

It is important to choose a business process automation tool that will help you achieve your business goals with ease. There are certain features that any such tool should possess to aid you in the achievement of your business process automation. Some of these features include:

  • Deployment Option

    Check to be sure the deployment option offered is convenient for you. It might be better if you are offered a choice of how you would want to deploy the software

  • Ease of Use

    Any BPA tool you go for should be easy to use and not have a steep learning curve. You should be able to get started with it right way due to its ease of use, or by using included templates. This should also include an interface that is highly user-friendly.

  • Integration

    It is important to get a tool that will offer you integration capabilities. This will allow you integrate other applications you may need for your business processes.

  • Scalability

    It is also important that you get a BPA software that is scalable. This will allow you easily scale according to your company’s growth.

Business Process Management Engine

Bpm’online studio is one of bpm’online’s products. It is an intelligent BPM and low-code development platform that contains out-of-the-box solutions and templates. As a business entrepreneur, you can use bpm’online extended BPM capabilities to design, deploy and optimize various business processes swiftly. Some of the amazing bpm’online studio features that come in handy include:

Business Process Management Engine

Process Automation

Process Designer

Process Library

Process Monitoring and Analysis

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