How is iBPM different from BPM?

Business process management is an essential part of many successful businesses. Yet, it can be further enriched to produce better results. IBPM transforms your current BPM to the new level as well as improves enterprise’s operations.


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Businesses need to stay ahead of the pack if they truly want to succeed. Not only do you need to stay ahead of the competition but also in tuned with new technologies and strategies. Which brings us to the new wave automation, intelligence business process management (iBPM). While business process management has become a staple for any successful business, it can further be enhanced to yield better results. The process transforms your current BPM strategically to ensure that your enterprise operations improve.

How is iBPM different from BPM?

So how do you actually make your BPM more intelligent? It’s simple, by integrating numerous different technologies and tools that are available now, that weren’t before. iBPM takes your processes and further enhances them using technologies such as cloud computing, system cross-linking, and so on. The process basically overhauls your traditional BPM and evolves it by utilizing technology and forming an environment that is tech-based, all of which adds value to your business processes. Which is why it is considered to be the next big thing in the domain of enterprise BPM.

Some specific features offered by intelligence business process management:

  • Event processing
  • In-depth monitoring of business
  • Cloud messaging
  • Big data mining
  • Added social features and mobility
  • Integration of IoT
  • And many more

Utilizing technology to improve your business processes allows you to manage them better and also provides you with tools that make it easier to complete tasks and monitor them. It helps you adjust and stay ahead of the changing dynamics of management.

Benefits of Intelligence Business Process Management


One of the benefits businesses will experience straight off the bat with the change to iBPM is how decision making is automated. The process has tools that use data mining and business rules to automatically decide which offers should be pitched to customers on your website. It provides awareness of real-time situations to businesses which allows them to tailor responses to challenges and opportunities they may face.

Another benefit to intelligence business process management is that it provides a more dynamic solution to case management. It takes real-time situations, that are presented through inbound customer interactions on a different platform, dynamically adding or adjusting the tasks that are present in the interaction. Once these tasks are present in the system, you can easily manage the cases and leverage them in across various channels like social networks, self-service sites, and so on.

The process also automates all policies and procedures, which makes following both much easier for employees. This leads to a reduction of manual labor as when policies and specific procedure must be followed, the system provides a step by step guide. The employee must follow the guide and provide information as stated to complete the task, ensuring it is followed properly.

The final benefit of intelligence business process management is that it adds mobility within the organization. By employing cloud technology, work becomes mobile meaning you can work from anywhere at any time. You don’t have to be in front of your desk at work to get work done. The system and data can be accessed from any mobile device that has access to the internet, making work much more accessible.