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Automotive industry like no other has a lot of people involved in every step of the sales process. Therefore, the management in this field of the market is demanding and messy sometimes. Bpm’online CRM is able to automate management capabilities and straighten out processes that sometimes are very close to be called chaotic.


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BPM system can let you model the business process of any complexity and if it is developed on the same platform with the CRM, as it is in bpm’online, it could sustain and support all the challenges your company faces. At the same time, you will have a possibility to monitor every step and adjust it to achieve even better results. An easy drag and drop tool will help you create unique business processes personalized for your clients. Let us check the main issues and the solution that perfectly addresses all your automotive management needs.

The main issue of the field is the overwhelming amount of information that without proper organization would be short of useless but with the correct information management and storage becomes invaluable. Clear visibility and possibility to find the bottlenecks of the process is a gamechanger here.

Bpm’online studio covers all the essential BPM needs, including:

Business process management

Automate your workflow with the process designer – a powerful tool that gives you an opportunity to use the pre-configured elements in order to create new processes. You can use the processes from the library to jump-start your processes or you can elaborate new ways with the suggestions from the system on how to make it run smoothly. Test run your process before implementation, making sure you have no bottlenecks in your way. Monitor and analyze every step to make sure that your process works for 110%, and make improvements whenever it is needed.

Case management

Use Dynamic Case Management to straighten out the wild running processes and automate unstructured processes. User-friendly case designer turns case management into a child’s play. Clear visibility and intuitive interface help to change steps of the process and stages of the process creating the most suitable approach to every case resolution. Case engine will display the crucial information, keeping you focused on the issues and providing useful next-step suggestions. Analytics is always at your disposal for you to make sure the case was resolved in the best way.

System designer

Adjust the system to your particular needs and requirements. Section wizard will help you to customize the interface of your working environment, displaying the information you need in the most efficient way. Attune the workflow to your specific vision, adjusting the business rules so that the system would provide you with the necessary information in time. Take advantage of the analytical data of work performance available in a real time manner to analyze the efficiency of your procedures. Import and export the data in and out of the system. Integrate with any application you might need such as accounting, billing, ERP, calendar tools, Facebook and many others in order to make your work more time and cost-effective.

Core configuration

Manage the HR activities in the system with ease, plan onboarding process for the new employees, track the career way for the employees within the company and always keep it updated to make sure your employees are satisfied and work at their best. Task management will help you to organize and distribute the workload among the teams and their members. Link your tasks to Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. Get notifications and reminders in case the deadline is approaching. Manage the data of your accounts and contacts. Use the system to enrich data and close existing gaps to complete the profile. Apply the necessary information to create the correct strategy and find personal approach to every client.

Mobile application

Always have access to the system from you mobile device. Sometimes, in the field you might need some details from the client’s profile – and there it will be in your phone available for you to ensure you close the deal. Both on and offline modes are available for you to be always up-to-date and have access to every record from the system.

Security and administration

The bpm’online system can ensure multilevel security from the unauthorized entry. At the same time, you will be able to easily manage access rights for individuals and groups of employees to access particular record or the section of the system entirely. Centralized user administration and Single Sign-On technology secures the bump-free integration into working IT environment and insures easy sign on process. Active Directory credentials make the work of administrators much easier by automating parts of the work. And at the same time every move and activity is recorded in the system.

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