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Customer service management with bpm’online

: easy way to build customer loyalty

In the world of the constant wars for the client attention, dedicate more time to save and multiply the number of loyal clients, providing them with the service they could not stand to refuse.

Loyalty programs, personal approach, and timely resolution of even minor issues are simple factors of the successful service desk. How to manage the great implementation of those are a totally different question.

First thing you can do is to get more support, but it is hardly possible to have as many support agents as you have clients, even ratio of 1:5 or even 1:10 not always can do the trick, not mentioning the cost of such personalization.

Here we are with the implementation of the tool to increase customer satisfaction without additional cost. Bpm’online service tool can help you develop profitable loyalty system and it can help with the timely resolution of any issues preventing the half of them before actually occurring.

Bpm'online service: provides out-of-the-box processes for full-cycle service management

Bpm’online as the best service management software

It is high time to make your Service Desk time-effective with the CRM tool that can help with time management, providing unified database of different information and segmentation tools to group customers, issues and assign them to the experts in the field.

Building a good support team is difficult. As practice shows, it is one of the highest personnel turnover in any company. So, why waste time on onboarding for difficult system if you can just show them several steps and with little help from colleagues, you will get the same result with intuitive system.

Service is all about customer satisfaction and human relationships and that takes time to build, so let the system take care of all the details that you can automate and give representatives more time to work with clients.

Delving deeper into bpm’online service functionality

Here is the functionality that bpm’online service provides:

Unified customer database

Focus all the customer information in one place for easy access and management, make use of the intelligent data enrichment tool in case you are missing any information. Group the clients according to multiple parameters and make it easier to deal with. Use history and analytics to make sure your particular approach is working the way you want.

Omnichannel communications

Communicate with your client and colleagues from the system. Use the communication panel to keep your hand on the pulse of the working process.

Contact center

Organize your working day, let the system follow your task and adjust the agent’s desk to the particular needs of the person to ensure effective and timely work.

Business process management

Rule the workflow of your company, devise new processes using the best practices from the ones you already have at hand and perfect them to work for your company. Monitor the analytics to make sure the operations are profitable for you.

Request management

Collect all the cases in joined database have the possibility to assign teams and correlate the time of resolution. Organize your Service Desk to increase the productivity.

Problem management

Store all the information of any incidents and issue in the consolidated database that will allow the system to prevent and resolve the recurring problems. Systematically run the diagnostics to figure out the root of the incidents and find the best suitable resolution.

Personalize communications with your clients using bpm’online service.

Even more features from bpm’online service