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The Benefits of CRM for Educational Institutions: Bpm’online at a Glance

There is no doubt a majority of higher learning institutions are adopting and implementing CRM software systems to help attract, retain and serve their clients (students) in the best way possible. In a normal business model, we should view students of such institutions as the customers and knowledge as the service rendered to them. To gain a competitive edge in the currently populated higher education marketplace, a CRM for educational institutions is vital even though most institutions are still not using the system primarily because of lack of adequate knowledge about the potential of such systems.

Potential of a CRM for educational institutions

If leveraged properly, CRM can help provide valuable insights about the institutions’ customers thus allowing them to develop strong and personalized relationships with prospective and current students as well as the alumni.

In short, this powerful tool is capable of empowering a higher learning institution to stay ahead of the competition in the industry. To fully gain from the potential of this tool, one needs to start by looking for the best available option of the software based on the institution’s needs. This can be done by comparing a number of the most rated software systems in the market and choosing one that best suits their institution needs.

One of the highly rated and cherished CRM systems on the market is bpm’online thanks to its highly intuitive interface, reasonable pricing, and features that are deemed necessary for any software system.

Bpm’online CRM: tailored to streamline teacher evaluations

Bpm’online is the ideal solution to improve education quality and student achievement in the shortest time possible.

Advantages of using CRM for Education Industry

In this post, we have compiled several benefits of CRM for educational institutions. Check out some of them:


Admission management

This is one of the most rigorous tasks in any institution of higher education. However, with a CRM platform in place, it is quite easy to manage the complete customer (student) lifecycle all from a single platform. This will include the students’ academic documents, course & program they are admitted, full details of batch and roll number among other information necessary to facilitate the admission process. In this regard, a higher institution of learning is capable of identifying and recruiting the best candidates, engaging them and more importantly improving enrollment results for the institution.


Tracking prospective leads

This is the 21st century, and the internet has made things even easier. Today, more and more students rely on the internet to search for necessary information about their dream colleges and universities. Most of the CRM systems available on the market come with integrated tracking tools to help institutions track leads via different engagement programs such as email, print, and invitations to online and offline events as well as evaluating their feasibility. Bpm’online for instance will come in handy to help institutions track the specific website(s) a particular student used to find their institution. In turn, this information will be vital in developing smarter marketing budget planning as well as allocating necessary resources to the most effective marketing campaigns deployed.


Handle inquiries by prospective students

High-quality service and real-time communication are vital in enhancing customer relations with your prospects in any business environment. With the help of an intuitive CRM for educational institutions, it is easier to make follow up for all inquiries, keeping a proper record of the interactions with the students during counseling process, and maintaining an appropriate follow-up. The software system will also help to enhance communication between the institution and the inquiring student.


Streamlining teacher evaluations

Time for paper processing is now an old process that is not only cumbersome but also prone to many errors. Once an institution adopts and implements CRM software, efficiency and consistency of teacher certification process among other career-related processes are bound to increase. This is critical when the institution seeks to streamline tasks to devote resources to finding and placing the best-qualified lecturers.


Strengthen external relations and improve work in the entire institution

A CRM system like bpm’online allows an institution’s staff to access all student data rather quickly and seamlessly, including that of prospects, current students and alumni. This is a significant benefit brought along with the help of a CRM system so that all student records are readily available. This way, it is possible for an institution to maintain better relationships with current and prospective students, as well as the graduates. This also comes in handy when there is a need to improve communication with potential philanthropists and interested investors.


Enhanced inter-departmental communication

Proper inter-departmental communication is paramount to ensure the efficacy of the educational process on different levels. With an effective CRM platform, information exchange is facilitated thereby promoting cooperation that is necessary for the better running of any educational facility as well as promoting communication between institutions and their students. Remember, prospective students need to feel like their voices are heard for them to choose a specific institution instead of another. Another relevant point to note is the valuable feedback obtained from a CRM system. This is vital when it comes to improving the recruitment process and enhancing student success levels.


Monitoring student activities throughout their studies

CRM systems help to store all student information, both potential and current ones, in a single platform, which makes it simple for monitoring their activities throughout their student cycle. With such information, the university/college staff can easily get in touch with any particular student whenever there is a need. Besides, the institution can personalize its approach to each student with having to hire extra staff. This can serve as an incentive for more students to enroll in a particular university thus opening new opportunities for the institution while increasing its profits.


Offers excellent data analyzing and reporting tools

Data analysis and reporting is part of the most crucial areas any institution of higher learning has to deal with. A perfect CRM system comes in handy when it comes to collection and analysis of data about either the employees or the students. It takes only a few clicks for one to see the essential analytics for either evaluation of the educational trends or defining the strengths and weakness of each department. This is crucial especially regarding saving time and determining the way forward.

Bpm’online as a perfect CRM for educational institutions

Bpm’online is a powerful CRM that focuses on marketing, sales and service operations of different organizations. With the CRM in place, almost everything is automated – CRM makes all organizational processes easy to undertake. In the education sector, the software’s functionality, as well as its features, are combined to ensure the acceleration of various complex business processes. Below you can see the list of the most valuable bpm’online benefits.

Bpm’online CRM: the perfect choice for your educational institution

Bpm’online is the best tool to establish and manage good relationships with alumni, matriculated and prospective students more properly and effectively.

Why educational institutions choose bpm’online CRM

There are numerous reasons why educational institutions implement bpm’online software. The most popular of them are the following:

  1. The system is built to suit different industries, including education and capable of handling the most complex tasks in any institution
  2. The system is highly responsive to mobile devices
  3. The CRM covers all institutional deals end-to-end thus helps with easy management of leads and other vital tasks
  4. The system comes with a wide range of productivity tools to guarantee efficiency and consistency
  5. The system can be quickly deployed either on-site or on-cloud; whichever is appropriate for a specific institution
  6. The system ensures streamlined communications between relevant parties
  7. The system’s interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly

Any institution of higher learning is characterized by a high number of complex activities and clients to deal with. Due to the various complexities and large volumes of data to be handled, a CRM for educational institutions plays an integral role in streamlining every task, making work easier, enhancing collaboration, and in turn guarantees better returns. If you are looking for a CRM platform to help with efficient management of your institution’s soaring number of clients, you can choose from among the many alternatives available depending with your needs, but still recommend that you have a closer look on what bpm’online can do.