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Use CRM for hotels as a comprehensive set of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that enable you to reach, impress and retain your customers

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What are the benefits of using hotel CRM?

With a CRM solution for the hotel you get a lot of advantages to manage your customers' profiles, develop customized communication with your clients, as well as implement loyalty programs and many other possibilities.

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Knowledge base

Combine knowledge about all services, CIs and known errors in a unified knowledge base in bpm’online service enterprise. By using knowledge base articles, you will be able to close cases in the most timely manner and efficiently train Service Desk agents.

Problem resolution and closure

Always keep full descriptions for problems and known errors resolutions. Close related incidents and inform customers about the elimination of bottlenecks.


Analyze productivity of service staff based on their tasks, emails and phone calls and track the dynamics of customer communications. You can also analyze a number of consultations per request or compare the average duration of consultations depending on service type and category of request. All graphs and dashboards are easily configurable, which helps to control and improve the service quality and enhance agents’ productivity.

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