Investment CRM

A Solution For Private Banking and Investment Management Firms

Investment banks and wealth management firms are facing an increasingly fierce competition in a volatile and saturated market. In order to get ahead and ensure sustainable business growth, both banks and investment management firms are in need of new solutions that will help them:

  • streamline their operations,
  • build and maintain strong relationships,
  • obtain new profitable clients,
  • deliver custom-tailored services and offers
  • extend their reach to new markets.

Bpm’online provides an out-of-the box and all-in-one solution, an Investment CRM software, to help run all operational aspects of your firm.

The Benefits of Investment CRM

bpm’online Investment CRM is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of private banks and capital market firms, with these 5 benefits to follow its implementation:

Enhanced Advisor Productivity

App features are designed to enhance the productivity of your advisors:

  • Become more productive thanks to access to complete client information accessible from any device and on the go
  • Leverage the power of effortless document management, centralized document storage, and use of pre-built document templates for faster document creation
  • Build and organize a collective knowledge base, and use the searchability function to deliver timely and data driven advices to your clients
  • Use management features to manage all of your daily tasks from a single window
  • Enjoy the seamless integration with MS Outlook, thanks to the bpm’online outlook connector
  • Use top-notch and industry-best business processes that automatically assign tasks and distribute resources to your team members