Investment CRM

A Solution For Private Banking and Investment Management Firms

Investment banks and wealth management firms are facing an increasingly fierce competition in a volatile and saturated market. In order to get ahead and ensure sustainable business growth, both banks and investment management firms are in need of new solutions that will help them:

  • streamline their operations,
  • build and maintain strong relationships,
  • obtain new profitable clients,
  • deliver custom-tailored services and offers
  • extend their reach to new markets.

Bpm’online provides an out-of-the box and all-in-one solution, an Investment CRM software, to help run all operational aspects of your firm.

The Benefits of Investment CRM

bpm’online Investment CRM is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of private banks and capital market firms, with these 5 benefits to follow its implementation:

Enhanced Advisor Productivity

App features are designed to enhance the productivity of your advisors:

  • Become more productive thanks to access to complete client information accessible from any device and on the go
  • Leverage the power of effortless document management, centralized document storage, and use of pre-built document templates for faster document creation
  • Build and organize a collective knowledge base, and use the searchability function to deliver timely and data driven advices to your clients
  • Use management features to manage all of your daily tasks from a single window
  • Enjoy the seamless integration with MS Outlook, thanks to the bpm’online outlook connector
  • Use top-notch and industry-best business processes that automatically assign tasks and distribute resources to your team members

Consistent Quality of Service

In this industry, providing a consistent quality of service is of the utmost importance. You will be able to:

  • Use a scheduler to set up reminders for all important events of a client, and enjoy the built-in notification system that will inform you when important events are triggered
  • Use the system to send alerts to your clients in advance, inform them about the changes in the capital structure or changes in security prices, in time.
  • Get full control of products and services used by clients, manage them from a single user interface
  • Enjoy the semi-automatic routing of customer requests and referrals, with a system that doesn't allow anything to go unnoticed
  • Leverage an analytics engine, asses each portfolio performance, recognize patterns and be able to rapidly respond to market changes

Improved Client Relationship Management

Your business is only as powerful as your connection to your clients. Investment CRM software is designed to help you improve your client relationship management:

  • Track, record and store your clients data from multiple sources (email, website, phone, and other) to build detailed and actionable customer profiles
  • Get insights on client interrelations dynamics and identify factors that have a powerful effect on accounts, contacts and assets, both in a specific and in a general way
  • See the current situation and the entire history with your clients, see their investments, deposits and insurances in a single window
  • Access your entire client data in few clicks
  • Track costs associated with each client, asses every direct client’s value and indirect potential influence

Increased the Number of Closed Deals

An investment CRM app will enable you to close more deals:

  • Use segmentation options to categorize your clients and deliver a customer tailored approach to each of the categories
  • Increase your odds of closing more deals by generating more leads, nurturing them and identifying quality leads
  • Leverage the gathered data to plan and launch targeted and effective marketing campaigns
  • Assess the performance of each marketing campaign, conference and PR activity
  • Asses, modify and fine tune your sales process to meet specific client demands
  • Deliver custom-tailored financial products and improve your up-sell and cross-sell efforts
  • Identify the most effective sales process and standardize it across your entire organization

Promote Sustainable Business Growth

Bpm’online investment CRM app promotes sustainable business growth:

  • By automation boring and repetitive tasks, this app will enable your employees to deliver better service
  • You will be able to quickly identify what works best for you and your clients, so that you can increase customer satisfaction while bringing productivity to the next level
  • Enjoy the automated workflow and efficient interdepartmental communication
  • Analyze and fine-tune all your business processes to deliver the best results
  • Monitor all your key performance indicators streamed in real-time to identify problems and respond to them in time.

Bpm’online CRM software delivers end-to-end processes to manage a complete customer journey – from lead to order, and to ongoing account maintenance

marketing screen

Multichannel marketing software to deliver demand generation excellence.

sales screen

Sales force automation to manage the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales.

service screen

An innovative customer service tools to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Key Features of Investment CRM

Get familiar with the features of investment CRM to help you improve service, sales and marketing in your investment firm.

360° customer view

Provide a delightful customer experience by basing your actions on complete customer data - the entire interactions history and client information compiled from numerous sources.

Business Process Management

Automate internal business processes to achieve great results within a short time frame. Identify bottlenecks and optimize your processes to achieve ultimate success.

Collaboration tools

Empower your team with built-in collaboration tools. Manage communication between team members as well as with your clients.

Lead management

An easy to use lead management tool will help you to track, capture, qualify and assign the leads to the best possible advisor.

Opportunity management

Get full control of your opportunities. Follow each of their steps in the pipeline to identify the best tactic and the best financial product to convert them into customers.

Document flow automation

Manage, create and share your documents effortlessly. Find everything quickly by using the search function.

Mobile CRM

Access and operate the investment CRM app from the convenience of your mobile device and on the go.


Get insights into powerful data delivered by our comprehensive analytical engine.

Contact center

Manage your daily activities and tasks, track your employees and manage their workload from a single user interface.

Case management

Manage all of you cases and organize them in numerous categories. Assign cases to the best teams and directly oversee the resolution process.

Service catalogue

Create and maintain the centralized database of your financial products and services. Keep your clients informed by publishing it via the Customer portal.

Knowledge management

Build a centralized knowledge base of your best practices, services, products, guides policies and compliance. Keep your employees up to date and enable them to quickly find the missing piece of the case resolution puzzle.

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