CRM for manufacturing industry

Bpm’online CRM: aimed at increasing productivity in manufacturing. Discover what benefits such software can bring to your organization.


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Why your manufacturing business may need CRM

Nowadays, many manufacturers neglect to buy CRM system. The most common reason for this is that the vast majority of manufacturing organizations are still relying on different legacy tools, such as Outlook. Even though such kind of tools are good at keeping track of contacts, they are not capable of providing users with a clear overview of customers’ needs and expectations. Additionally, they cannot improve the experience your customers have with your organization.

Fortunately, CRM can help you overcome this challenge. The main benefit of the CRM software comes from its built-in analytics and reporting features. CRM systems for manufacturing not only collect and store customer information as well as their previous history and interactions with a business, but also analyze this data and then provide useful insights.

When chosen and implemented correctly, CRM enables sales teams to increase the number of closed deals while reducing the time spent. Marketing department can use the data to personalize campaigns and get insight into lead generation. Production department can also benefit from CRM: the tool helps to analyze order history and predict future inventory needs. What’s more, customer support department can use CRM solution to reduce the time needed for resolving diverse customer issues.

Increase productivity at your manufacturing facility be implementing bpm'online CRM

More benefits of CRM for manufacturing companies

In order to help manufacturing companies understand the importance of CRM, we created a list of worthy reasons why manufacturers should adopt CRM tools. Here they are:


Optimized forecasting process

CRM solution is aimed at helping manufacturers cut the time required to develop a product or service. The tool enables more accurate demand forecasting along with enhanced production information. By adapting faster and acting smarter, organizations can get products to market before their competitors, thus gaining a competitive edge.


Improved product quality and customer service

These days, to stay afloat, manufacturing organizations should focus on producing high-quality products consistently and efficiently. Defective products will not only ruin the brand image but also result in unhappy customers. This, in turn, will lead to a reduction in sales and revenue. With a powerful CRM in place, your organization can gather and analyze data from multiple sources and figure out process errors in real-time that contribute to product defects.


Increased sales

Customer experience is one of the leading factors of successful sales. If you are looking for software that will help you boost more sales, then opting CRM system is the right decision. This works as follows: a CRM system collects information about your customers, leads, and prospects –having a 360-degree view of them help predict their buying behavior and preferences. With CRM, your team will have all the information they need to successfully close the deal. Shortly put, CRM will help you learn everything you need to know about your customer requirements.


Accelerated business growth

CRM software is a valuable marketing tool to gain more customers. It allows marketing and sales departments for making detailed reports, taking into consideration customers’ behavior. It also enables customer support team help the customers instantly, providing valuable insights that help improve product quality and operation processes. This, in turn, accelerates business operations, increases profits, and lowers cost.

Bpm’online CRM: the best CRM for manufacturing business that will accelerate your marketing, sales, and service operations.

Features to consider when selecting manufacturing CRM

When selecting a new CRM system, it is vital to make sure a CRM solution has all the needed features. Top CRM software features usually include:

1. Contact Management

Enables users to capture, record, and classify data related to customer interaction. This includes calls, emails, website visits, social interaction, purchases, etc.

2. Opportunity and Lead Tracking:

Allows for capturing and tracking leads through a broad range of sources. Also, allows for define tactics for each opportunity, identify key decision makers, track competitors, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Customer Order History

Allows for tracking customer purchases and helps to complete the information about customer interactions.

Why manufacturing businesses choose bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online offers high-end tools to manage manufacturing and wholesale distribution through multiple sales channels: direct and channel sales, e-commerce, field sales, and POS, maintain product catalog and manage orders. With bpm’online, manufacturing and distribution organizations can benefit from automating key business processes thanks to the tools for efficient sales, service and marketing management, procurement and supply chain management, inventory planning, and document flow automation.

The system provides features that allow for managing complex distribution processes. In addition, users can take advantage of high-end product management capabilities: regardless of the complexity and size of your product portfolio, be certain you can store them all in bpm’online. Furthermore, bpm’online quote management functionality allows users to generate custom quotes in appropriate formats.

Simplified paperwork is also guaranteed: you will be able to manage a whole set of documents – contracts, invoices, letters, policies and requirements. Utilizing service management tools, you will be able to provide more efficient and effective service with an accurate and complete view of your customers across all channels. Moreover, bpm’online marketing automation solutions will help you automate every step of your marketing campaign and increase ROI.