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Bpm’online is the best CRM for universities to manage every aspect of communication.


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CRM for colleges and universities delivers a diverse toolset spanning sales, marketing, and service. Working in unison with any existing form of internal or external business communication, our CRM system for universities is a godsend for learners, alumni, and educators. From recruitment automation to learning management systems, our customer relationship management is very flexible.

bpm'online CRM for universities

Features of bpm’online CRM for universities

Bpm’online significantly simplifies student and university management. Our CRM software for universities provides a vast range of solutions for managing communication with partnerships, prospective students, and teachers. System delivers effective ways to improve the efficiency of recruitment and education. Take a closer look at some of the ways that our CRM for universities can help your business and campus succeed in the long run.

Improve marketing, sales and service processes in one click using CRM for colleges and universities.

Bpm'online CRM system for universities is a godsend for learners, alumni, and educators!

Innovative CRM systems for universities

When you use bpm’online as your choice of CRM for universities, you have top-notch management and service support. There are many other tools available. Component such as the configuration management database keeps track of all assets, software, licenses, and all connected documentation and related-communication. Components of your university and detailed information concerning them are provided. Segmentation, automation, and total data logging from any part of your college or university are readily available. Bpm’online will seamlessly merge with your PBX or cloud VoIP and effortlessly capture communication metrics. The same integration is featured across all other systems such as Microsoft Exchange or Google. There is no better way to keep track of everything that happens at your university than implementing bpm’online CRM.