CRM for Universities

CRM for universities is an online management tool that helps colleges to design forms, build workflows and track progress.

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What are the advantages of CRM for Universities?

There are many benefits while using the online CRM platform for universities. It helps to build and maintain relationships with students, a task which is essential for schools.

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Managing the organizational structure

Efficiently manage the company’s organizational structure. Bpm’online provides tools to easily manage the information about changes in an employee’s career history within the company; create employee onboarding plans and manage other HR activities.

Process monitoring and analytics

  • Keep track of any process execution metrics (duration, average execution time, maximum and minimum values, etc.), using different variables (owners, branches, product lines, etc.).
  • Visualize process data using custom dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of an easy-to-use process log.

A single contract database

Easily manage all contracts, related specifications and additional agreements using bpm’online sales. Attach electronic versions and photo copies of contracts, keep track of contracts details and history of amendments. Create contracts manually or automatically based on orders.

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