Customer care software

Customer care tool: what it is and how it works. Discover the advantages of implementing a help desk solution.


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Best customer care software: all you need to know

Acquiring new customers is much costlier than selling to the existing ones. This is common knowledge for anyone working in the marketing industry today. However, retaining a customer is a hard work! From the quality of products and services until the entire customer experience, everything comes into play here. As you can see, nothing is as crucial as customer care. While you can go above and beyond for your customers when the number is few, as your business grows, customer care becomes difficult without a great customer care software in place. You need the best customer care software to streamline the support process and speed-up resolution time for any issues or problems your customers may face.

What is a customer care software?

Any tool that helps in streamlining the inbound and outbound communication with your existing customers, speeds-up issue resolution and generally helps you in serving your customers in a more efficient manner is a customer care software. Today, there is a number of solutions available for this category. They vary a great deal in terms of usability, features, suitability for industries or businesses of varied sizes. The objective of this article is to highlight the various features or attributes you need to consider when selecting the best customer care software for your business.

How to choose the best customer care software for your business

Not even a decade ago, the best customer service software were heavy-duty on-premise solutions that would bust the bank to implement and cost a king’s ransom to maintain. Not anymore! With the advent of cloud computing, there came a number of easy-to-implement cloud-based customer service software. While this is a wonderful development, this has made it difficult to choose the best customer care software for your business. So, here are some crucial features you should look for when choosing a new customer care software

Multichannel tool

Today’s customer communication is multichannel. Therefore, your customer service software must follow suit. In fact, one of the biggest pain points for most businesses is scattered customer communication. For example, a customer may call you regarding an issue, send you an email after a day or two to follow-up on the same and co-ordinate further using the live-chat system. How do you effectively centralize all these communications without a multichannel customer care software in place? So, if you communicate with your customers via more than one channel, put in place the best customer care software that will capture communication from all the channels, such as telephone, email, live-chat etc. and centralize everything for better management.

Bpm’online service: tailored to improve your relationships with customers

Other features to look for in a customer care software

Improve the help desk of your business with bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online service as the best customer care software

Bpm’online service is an intelligent service management platform aimed at accelerating service delivery and customer delight. The product offers out-of-the-box processes for full-cycle service management. Bpm’online allows users to manage customer requests and automate service operations by following pre-defined processes for customer care excellence.

The product comes complete with the advanced features for full-cycle service management. The system features unified case database that allows for accumulating all cases from your customers in a single interface. Users can easily classify the cases into different categories: incidents, service requests, advisory services and claims. Contact center automation capability enables users to manage their daily tasks more effectively using a pre-configured single window interface. In addition, the system features service agreements database that allows for registering in bpm’online all types of service agreements needed to service your customers according to different service levels. These are just some of the features bpm’online service offers.

Bpm’online service product comes in two different editions: customer center and service enterprise. Customer center would be the ideal option for organizations that are looking to automate their helpdesk and contact center operations. It includes a comprehensive set of tools tailored to deliver excellent customer service and manage omnichannel communications. As for the service enterprise, it is the perfect choice for medium and large businesses struggling to automate internal and external service processes, including ITIL processes. The edition offers sophisticated tools to manage a complete service cycle. With its help, providing exceptional service and support to customers and internal users is easier than ever before!