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Bpm’online Complete CRM Solution has continued to invest in a simple and modern user interface, which has led to intuitive usability. Moreover, bpm'online is a single platform which makes sales, marketing and services automation and management.

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Why to choose Complete CRM solution

The solution is so intuitive that you will get it right from the start!

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Multiple devices. Single look

With bpm'online you can share the same user experience no matter where you use the application: on the phone, tablet or laptop. If you know how to work with bpm'online on one device, you will easily use it on all of them.

Command Line

You can do all your work right from the command line. Just start typing to let the command line offer you the list of most appropriate actions or jump to the required page. The real fun starts when you customize the command line. Let’s say, you may set a “debts” action that will make a report of all uncompleted payments. Or you can add a “today” action that will display you a list of high-priority tasks for this day.

Work at the speed of light

Thanks to dynamic data upload, all system actions, like surfing between pages or running the process are performed with extreme speed.

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