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How to choose the right customer care solution for your organization: professional recommendations and suggestions.


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The Best Customer Care Management Software for Your Organization

Customer care is among the critical aspects of any business organization regardless of size and industry. With a reliable customer support system, you are guaranteed a positive brand image, which is a clear indication that your company cares about its customers and that you are always focused on ensuring their satisfaction. Remember that customers, both prospects and loyal ones, have customer service issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. While many of these customers still rely on phone calls or physical presentation to address the problems of concern, today, many of them prefer a company that will meet them, across different avenues. According to recent statistics, it is estimated that about 67% of consumers use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to seek customer care services aimed at resolving any issue they face.

Due to the increase in number of customers reaching out on various public networks to get their questions answered and multiple issues resolved, it is time all companies and business enterprises started directing their customer care efforts to such online channels. Besides, it has been proven to have great potential in customer interactions in different social media platforms that can never be ignored if you intend to gain an edge against your competitors. While this is true, it is practically cumbersome for customer care representatives to keep on top of each social platform and offer timely and satisfying responses to the concerns by customers. This is where customer care management software comes in.

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All about customer care management software

Customer service software refers to all applications that enable business organizations to manage all customer interactions across different social media and digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email and contact forms among others. The software thus serves as an essential asset to help with collecting and organizing all customer interactions into a single platform. This is vital in enhancing convenient access and comprehensive view of the customers.

Such customer service platforms are either deployed on-site or cloud-based depending on the needs of the company. However a majority of the companies today prefer the cloud-based option since it allows for instant, out-of-the-box use. What this means is that users can instantly log into their accounts and immediately see customer interactions and view cases at a glance in their order of priority all from one place. The CRM software can also help to categorize different cases and interactions, and then send them to the relevant team or department for action to be taken.

The essence of having this kind of quick response and resolutions to customer interactions and concerns is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, which, in turn, comes in to help increase your business performance. Some statistics have indicated that customer service agents fail to answer their questions at least 50% of the time! This is quite surprising when we understand that customers are not likely to come back when they experience such inadequacies regarding customer support. Instead, they will choose from the other 50% any time in the future.

Essential features for perfect customer care management software

The best CRM system is more than just customer support and management. This should always remain as the first point to bear in mind when seeking a cloud platform for your organization. However, customer care and support should remain as the minimum requirement to consider, not as the main feature. Besides customer service, you should also consider the following things when selecting the right customer service platform.

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“Future proof”

This feature is critical in that it will ensure outdated technology will not have any hindrances. Instead, the software should allow for regular upgrading of servers, the addition of new features and functionalities. In short, the system should be adaptable to allow for future growth as well as allow the company to estimate future costs.



The ability of customer care management software to interface with external systems, using APIs is vital to ensure customers can create real-time communication between the platform and relevant networks or applications.


Self-service and information relevance

A majority of the customers indicated to prefer an online knowledge base that is tailored towards their needs. The system of choice, therefore, must help your company to provide self-service portals for customers to get answers to their questions without necessarily seeking the help of the company’s representatives.


Advanced analytics

Your customer service software must also provide comprehensive analysis and reporting. This is necessary to help you with business insight that will be turned into action later on. The platform should enable you to connect and question various data sources to give you new ways of visualizing your data and key performance indicators. This way, it is easy to anticipate customer needs and make changes where necessary.


Productivity tools

Customer service is all about ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, and that entails closing of cases as soon as possible and offering timely responses to concerns raised by clients. The best customer care management software should, therefore, aid productivity through automation and categorization, as well as updating and close of multiple cases all at once.


Mobile support

This is a critical feature, especially with the growing mobile technology. The system should, therefore, offer support for a wide range of devices including mobile phones for both employees and customers. This way, the system will help to facilitate 24-hour customer support and convenient self-service for on-the-go customers.


Case management

Any CRM system should look into the aspect of case management and provide the following capabilities:

  • Track and categorize all customer interactions from various channels automatically
  • Ability to add filters for prioritizing the cases and concerns from customers
  • Features for adding notes to ensure seamless communications within departments so that specific cases are assigned to particular teams or experts whenever necessary
  • Customer fields for you to create unique labels like customer ID

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All the features highlighted above and many others not mentioned are offered by bpm’online. Bpm’online is an out-of-the-box, all-under-one-roof software, providing customer care management, mobile support, powerful productivity tools as well as multi-channel support. These, plus many other features make bpm’online ideal for companies to have a complete customer view. The system works by connecting marketing, sales, analytics, reporting, and customer service, thus creating a unique customer journey right from their first time visiting the site to purchase and beyond.

Bpm’online offers many benefits to companies deploying the software for their customer care management purposes. Take advantage of this powerful CRM solution to transform your customer care support for the better.