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The kind of support you offer plays a vital role in building your reputation, retaining your customers and optimizing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. This is why, resolving service requests as quickly as possible is one of the major concerns for any business. However, without a proper system in place, service requests often get buried in inboxes and the response time increases significantly. Here, you need a full cycle customer service software aimed at streamlining all your service requests. It lets your customer service executives quickly pull-up both the interaction and purchase history for every customer as well as offers a convenient way to your customers for tracking the progress.

Address service requests faster with customer service CRM

Streamline omnichannel customer communication

You receive a number of service requests every day via a number of channels such as e-mail, live chat, social media, phone call or customer service portal. Keeping tab on all these requests and ensuring that not even one slips from attention is a formidable challenge for your support staff. A CRM software built to address customer service concerns captures these requests from all your communication channels and brings them together on a centralized platform, making it easier for your support team to address each one quickly.

Reduce the response time with simplified tracking

Depending on the nature and size of your business, you might be getting multiple service requests on any given day. Without proper tracking mechanism in place, addressing these requests in a time-effective manner is tough. A great customer service system lets you track all your service requests within a matter of seconds. This way, you can see all the pending requests that your executives are working on and all that have been closed. This simplified tracking system lets you identify critical service issues, monitor the average response time and speed up the process. Moreover, you can track and identify the areas where your customers are facing most issues and take appropriate steps to remedy the situation. When all your customer service requests are easily trackable, the chances of delayed response becomes minimal.

Better communication across departments

Seamless communication and collaboration across marketing, sales and customer service is the key for optimizing your cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. A CRM with powerful customer service functionalities lets you achieve this. Using the system, your customer service executives can pull up the entire communication and purchase history for each customer, every time they lodge a service request. This way, they will have a complete idea about what are the products that the customer purchased, what kind of service requests he/she filled previously, how those were resolved etc. This insight, in turn, lets them identify and optimize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and forward the same to marketing and sales. Similarly, your marketing and sales executives can also track the support requests and see which customers are facing what kind of issues. Accordingly, they can suggest new products or services to them.

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Intelligent service management platform to boost your customer service efforts

Bpm’online offers an intelligent service management platform that lets you speed up your customer service process by centralizing service requests and tracking both functionalities and powerful analytical features. Moreover, the CRM system comes with self-service portal for your customers through which they can raise a support ticket and track the progress on their own, without having to call or e-mail you. This not only improves customer experience and enhances transparency, but also saves you tons of time, which you would otherwise had to spend on telephone answering queries or e-mails.

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