Customer Support Portal: why is it important to your company

Get to know all the benefits of using the customer support portal. Read them all and decide whether your business needs a help desk software.


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The Best Customer Support Portal

The modern-day business world is super competitive, and staying ahead of the competition needs some out-of-the-box thinking. Customer satisfaction and building stronger relationships have become a significant area of concern, but addressing the soaring inquiries and concerns that need to be resolved is not an easy task. Think of the several channels of communications used by customers and the high number of support requests flowing in from different directions – the situation becomes even more complicated. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to worry you anymore! With the customer support software solutions now flooding the market, it is easy for you to streamline your company’s customer inquiries and support requests to ensure a smooth collaboration between different departments thus ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Bpm’online CRM: designed to help you monitor the progress of the support team on cases

Why your business needs customer support portal

Irrespective of your business size, efficient and faster customer support is critical. However, this is usually easier said than done considering the complexity of processes involved in getting the responses to the inquiring customers. Say, for instance, a customer sending a support request on live chat, check status on phone and follow-up through email. The complexity here is how to centralize all of the company’s support requests and inquiries. That is why you need a robust customer support solution to help with centralizing the inquiries and support requests, resolve some of the simple issues with automated workflow, while the complex concerns are forwarded to specific support agents for action. Meanwhile, the support system should allow easy tracking of the support request status by your customers.


Centralize support requests

Almost every company today offers multiple channels through which customers can send their support requests and inquiries, as well as ask questions including email, live chat, telephone, and social media among others. Well, this omnichannel communication is a perfect way to empower target customers, but at the same time can become a challenging part for your customer support team. Therefore, this requires centralization of all communication channels and the only way to do that is to deploy efficient customer support portal software like bpm’online. The software integrates all communication channels with a ticketing system, thus ensuring all support requests are not lost in the many emails received within a day.


Reduce tracking time

You do not need more than a couple of seconds to track the status of a support request or inquiry. If that happens, you need to make some changes and deploy an efficient customer support solution. A good support system like bpm’online allows you to track the status of all support requests and inquiries in real-time while at the same time notifying the concerned customer on the progress through email or a self-service portal. In addition to that, a customer support portal allows a company to easily track the various issues and concerns customers have about their products/services thereby able to initiate changes that will improve the products or services. This plays a major role in improving the company’s offering which in turn enhances customer satisfaction.


Enhance inter-departmental communication

A successful business organization is one whose departments work together with each department playing its role efficiently. Well, to achieve this, there must be a complete transparency among the departments. This is why a customer support system is critical for the support team to synchronize effectively with the rest of the departments like that of sales and marketing. The customer support portal system allows all concerned departments to have a comprehensive view of the problem the company is facing so that they can collaborate and work on resolving it sooner. This is critical in enhancing productivity in your business organization.


Enhance transparency in case resolution processes

With customer portal in place, the case resolution process becomes transparent since each customer can manage their own user accounts and profiles and track the progress of their inquiries. On the other hand, the portal provides relevant articles in the knowledge base to help resolve minor cases that do not necessarily need the intervention of the customer care agents. This is critical in further reducing the workload on the service desk.


Auto registration and classification

With the best customer support portal software, all incidents are automatically registered and key information about customers recorded as well as the incident details. The registration of incidents is done automatically from any communication channel including emails, messages, phone calls, or self-service portals. Once the incidents are registered, they are then classified in order of priority based on the urgency, impact level, service type, and service agreement among others.


Registering service agreements

Different customers have different service levels, and robust customer support portal software will come in handy to register all types of such agreements so that you can serve them better when there is a need.

Bpm’online customer support portal software

Bpm’online is among the leading CRM platforms in the market today. The system is quite efficient in managing the processes and tasks in an organization making work easier for the staff as well as ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. The customer service portal makes all customer support interactions as efficient as possible, enabling users to seamlessly and conveniently communicate on a single platform.

Bpm’online CRM: tailored to reduce the workload of your service team and increase case processing efficiency

How bpm’online customer support portal can help your customer service team

  • The customer support portal software provides you with all relevant information on client orders including the value of all purchases, order values for each product and the number of orders placed
  • Tracking your customers from the moment they visit your company’s site with the agent panel showing the various web pages they are browsing
  • Ticket management- all inquiries or requests via email, phone, social media and forum posts are stored in tickets which can be easily managed making it easier for the customer support staff to act on them
  • The customer support portal allows for an agent to communicate with several customers simultaneously while handling their queries on the go
  • The agent’s dashboard will show all the products browsed by the customers as well as the order value for the items
  • This customer support portal software allows you to have a great overview of agents’ performance with the portal. The software offers detailed reports including charts and graphs to indicate the performance of the agents
  • Will let you know your client’s shopping carts including the names of the products selected, quantity and their prices
  • Will give you crucial information on the client conversion, that is, the number of times they have visited the website as well as the number of placed and completed orders

Looking for the most effective ways to fast forward customer service? You can count on bpm’online – the best customer support portal software that does it all. By making it easy for your support agents to organize, prioritize, and resolve customer requests and concerns on time, you can be sure to be right ahead of your competitors!