Speed up your sales team and manage your pipeline with the best online CRM program

In the very beginning, for many businesses it is easy to maintain business data using a spreadsheet, but over time as the company grows, this method becomes unwieldy. This is when organizations need to consider online CRM programs to keep their workflows at their best.


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The CRM platform records all customer contact information and remembers every detail of the relationship and interaction across different channels like phone, email or even social media and helpdesk. In the modern day business, this kind of information is considered a gold mine of opportunity that will let you identify prospective customers for upselling and cross-selling, convert existing customers into new products or services, track invoices, and target new markets among others.

Remember that the primary role of your sales team is to sell, and not struggling around with cluttered inboxes, messed up spreadsheets, clunky tools slowing them down. Through automation of all tasks that are considered tedious and cumbersome, there is less data entry involved, allowing your sales team to concentrate on the most critical business processes.

Online CRM programs make staying organized effortless

With one of the best CRM software solutions, you are guaranteed of no more fragmented customer information such as data on spreadsheets or emails across your company.

Total visibility guaranteed when managing your pipeline

Using a CRM program gets you an up-to-date view of the company’s entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard. From the information collected, you can quickly sort deals won and those lost, contracts sent over a specified period, appointments schedules, as well as track the performance against quotas initially set. All these can be sorted by name, amount, owner, or stage using custom filters for actionable Intel in the shortest time possible.

Log all activities automatically

A robust CRM system will help in automatically tracking each customer interaction across different channels be it email, phone, or social media. You can sync with Outlook or Gmail to capture all interactions, including calls, emails, and meetings as they happen.

See all contact details in a single place

Online CRM programs are best known to store every interaction in a tidy timeline for easy access whenever needed. This may include all calls, meetings, emails, and notes. This way, you are done away with the tedious task of having to dig through messy inboxes or spreadsheets to figure out where interactions left off. Besides, syncing with the program’s marketing software, you will tell which content your leads have consumed for better customization of your approach.

Interact with target customers as well as existing ones in a personalized manner

One-on-one conversations with your prospects go a long way in building lasting relationships. Many of the progressive CRM software solutions include tools for live chat, universal inbox, team email, and bots to allow marketing, sales, and service teams have one place to view, manage, and reply to all conversations across different channels. This is quite helpful since the entire team finds it easy to manage one-on-one conversations at scale.

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Choosing the best online CRM program for your business

The most progressive CRM software can deliver the benefits highlighted above because those systems organize and record the institutional knowledge all companies keep about their customers. The advantage of using online CRM programs is the fact that information is stored in one place, efficiently organized for easy access and action taking whenever needed.

There are many powerful CRM solutions available on the market today, but the most vital aspect to bear in mind is choosing the software that is right for the way your employees and teams work. You wouldn’t wish to see your employees fighting newly acquired software instead. You want one that they will start interacting with customers on the go. It is vital to consider online CRM programs more than just software for tracking and maintaining contact information. The programs come in handy in boosting offering by both marketing and customer service departments. In addition to that, the CRM software help in coordinating interdepartmental actions like the sales team taking advantage of something discovered by the customer support representatives in a different transaction.

Depending on the choice of software solution you make, you can easily set and measure sales goals, keep an eye on what prospects are saying on social media, as well as deliver and track email marketing campaigns among others. But first, the choice of software will be based on many factors, including:



This is a crucial factor to consider, however, you should focus more than just the upfront costs of acquiring the software. Check out per-user pricing, what is included in that price and find if the features they offer are actually what you need. Training costs as well the amount it will cost to integrate the system with existing systems should also be put into consideration.


Ease of use and support

You need nothing less than a simple but highly intuitive online CRM program. Check out the number of clicks it takes to perform a basic task and how easy or difficult you go about navigating the software. Beyond that, the CRM software should efficiently manage user errors by identifying wrong entries and suggesting the right way of doing specific tasks. A responsive support team whenever you have concerns that you need to be resolved also come in handy to determine the correct software option to choose. The customer support availability, reading through their FAQs and other relevant reviews will tell you more about the vendor’s support service. Always consider this point so that you don’t get stuck, whenever you are faced with any problem relating to the software and the complications that come with it.


Email, mobile, and social features

Always consider choosing an online CRM platform that captures only essential information for your business, easy-to-use and allows effective follow up. First, understand how your teams interact with the customers, and then find a CRM platform that complements the relationship rather than hindering it. Besides, you should also consider evaluating the mobile app provided by the vendor to ensure the CRM software can support the mobile device platform used by your team members while evaluating what that app can do at the same time.



This is a crucial aspect to consider when working with the sales pipeline and customer data especially when working with SaaS-deployed CRM software solution where most of the data is in the cloud. Remember, customer information is an extremely valuable commodity in business, considering how difficult it is to get it. Securing of customer data goes beyond simply maintaining privacy as it involves protecting profitable relationships that directly affect the results in the organizations.


Third-party integrations

Always find out the features included in the software system with your subscription and what other features require a third-party add-on. Besides, you should ensure that the software you are currently using is compatible with the CRM program you have chosen. When it comes to integration, you have to note that it takes two basic forms: one is having a pre-built integration module to select, download and implement as required, while the other considers whether both systems support an open application programming interface (API) then have your in-house IT staff or an out-sourced programmer to build a custom integration for you. This requires some big deal of coding, though considered to be the option that provides the most flexibility and customization.

Bpm’online CRM

Considered as one of the most progressive CRM software on the market today, the solution offers personalized tools to perform task automation, including ad campaigns, predictive unified business process, event planning. The platform also features automatic triggers for marketing campaigns, as well as hiding capabilities among others. This agile CRM solution is geared toward midsize and large business enterprises.

Bpm’online offers three main products: bpm’online sales, bpm’online marketing, and bpm’online service. These products are tailored to help businesses to automate various tasks and processes in order to improve sales, marketing, and service performance.

Features of bpm’online CRM

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