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Bpm’online CRM for Website is a simple and modern solution, which has led to intuitive usability. Moreover, bpm'online is a single platform which makes sales, marketing and services automation and management.

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Why to choose CRM for website solution

Using CRM software allows you to manage your business more efectively and automate a lot of core processes. Check here the benefits of using a CRM software for website.

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Multiple devices. Single look

With bpm'online you can share the same user experience no matter where you use the application: on the phone, tablet or laptop. If you know how to work with bpm'online on one device, you will easily use it on all of them.

Website event tracking

From the first visit to a site, the visitor’s web browser gathers information about pages visited, website paths and time spent on the site. When registering, all the information in the visitor’s cookie files is sent to bpm’online marketing and added to a lead’s profile.

Tracking lead sources

The system not only helps to track visitor behavior on your website, but also enables you to identify lead generation channels and sources. All information is collected in the lead profiles and is also displayed in dashboard analytics. Track lead sources to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation channels used in your marketing campaigns and focus your efforts on the best performing channels.

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