Benefits of CRM suites

With a continual rise in the number of entrepreneurs, startups, and various types of enterprises, the need for a fast, efficient, and reliable way of managing customer relationships has also sharply increased in the past few years.


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CRM suites are here to help you by organizing information regarding customers and sales, as well as by automating various processes to streamline productivity in your company.

The powerful software has already transformed the workflow of countless companies and has affected various industries. By the end of 2018, it is expected that the CRM sector itself will become a 40 billion USD industry. If you want to gain the upper hand in dealing with innumerable competitors or just survive the harsh business climate of the modern world, you will need CRM software.

CRM suites converge a wide array of capabilities into one software system for all your business needs. You can use it to store information about customers and prospects, send emails, make calls, schedule appointments, create reports, manage your pipeline, and much more, without even having to look away from your screen.

Since it consists of three parts: Bpm’online service, Bpm’online sales, and Bpm’online marketing, you won’t have to worry about having to cash out more money for different departments.

Boost your marketing, sales and service performance with bpm’online!

Benefits of CRM suites

Because of their vast capabilities, companies which use CRM systems can reap many benefits from them, including: improved customer relationships, less administrative work, increased sales and higher income, improved communication between various members of your team or departments in your company, etc.


Bpm’online gives its users a highly engaging interface with a social network appearance which is easy to use and navigate without too much training required. The dashboard provides only the important data such as sales management, lead generation, and accounting operations. The system enables the same user-friendly experience on all platforms – laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet.

Bpm’online doesn’t just provide useful information though. Since it is based on a business process management platform, it enables users with no technical expertise to work with business processes. The visual process designer helps users change any processes or even make new ones according to their own needs.

Aligned management services

The software provides its users with all-inclusive applications designed for service, sales and marketing management on a single platform which can be distributed either as a CRM bundle or as standalone products.

This way, the software provides end-to-end processes to help manage the client’s journey from lead to loyal customer. This enables users to efficiently overview and manage their customer interactions every stage of the way.

Complete customer profiles

Bpm’online helps you complete your customers’ profiles and manage their information, contacts, and deals. You can easily visualize the information in a way that best suits your personal preferences.

Important transactions and customers that don’t have all the necessary information can easily be recognized by the sales representatives, after which a manager or supervisor can examine the completeness of client information in the sales portfolio to ensure that the system has all the data it needs.

If there is a need to fill in some data gaps, the system can send an appeal to fill in the missing info. Besides that, a smart data scientist completes the client’s profile from the information found in all open sources.

Improved customer relationships 

Using CRM software allows you to deal with marketing, servicing and selling of your product in a highly organized and efficient way that your customers are sure to appreciate. With CRM you have a much better understanding of your client and his needs so you can provide much better services.

This lowers customer agitation and improves customer loyalty. More loyal customers means you can continuously receive feedback about your services and products.

Better marketing

Another key aspect of Bpm’online CRM software is that it’s not just primarily focused on improving sales, but it also allows for better customer service and marketing. The software will provide you with valuable insights into clients’ behavior and needs, so that you can find the most appropriate time to market your products and services to different clients.

In addition to that, the system also gives you an overview of the most profitable groups of clients, which allows you to better target similar potential groups of buyers at the most appropriate moment. All of this enables you to efficiently distribute your marketing resources and prevents you from spending valuable time on groups that are not very profitable.

Better communication

Good CRM strategies help build efficient communication in a company, as sharing vital client information back and forth between different parts of your company will make you work as a team rather than as isolated employees.

Good communication, in turn, helps improve profits and allows your employees to give the best service to their clients.

More revenue

CRM suites enable your business to sharply increase its revenue in a way that wasn’t possible before. Using the information collected by the system, you can promote your marketing campaigns in a much more productive and efficient way.

With CRM behind your back, you can rest assured that your campaigns won’t reach only the customers who have already purchased your services or products, but also a whole new set of clients. This is an effective way of increasing your customer revenue.

Service and incidents requests

With Bpm’online, you can easily document all client cases and check the quickness and effectiveness of their decisions. The system helps you categorize different cases into advisory services, service requests, and incidents. Managers can attribute the case to the right employee or a group of employees, and take care of communications while solving the case and timely managing the case closure.

Bpm’online is an agile omni-channel platform, primarily designed for medium-to-large businesses in mind. It can enable companies to centralize, analyze, and distribute information, which helps sales teams adapt better and connect with their customers. The software can accelerate and automate many processes, thus improving service, sales, marketing, and operations.

Bpm’online was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™:
CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, 2016.
In addition, bpm’online has been recognized as a Strong Performer
in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Force Automation Solutions, 2017,
The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, 2016;
and The Forrester Wave™: Customer Service Solutions For Midsize Teams, 2017
as well as included into The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018.

Bpm’online has been named a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, 2017 and the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management, 2017; recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, 2017, 2016, 2015, included into the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites, 2017 and Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service, 2018.

Nucleus Research consecutively positioned bpm’online in the Leaders Quadrant of the Nucleus CRM Technology Value Matrix 1H 2018 for its unprecedented agility to modify processes on the fly.

Ovum, one of the leading global technology research and advisory firms worldwide, has Bpm’online named among the world’s top 10 CRM vendors in latest Ovum CRM Decision Matrix. Bpm’online has been recognized for its process-centric approach and intuitive platform.

CRM Magazine, the leading publication of the industry, named bpm’online the Leader in Enterprise CRM Suite and Midmarket CRM Suite categories of the CRM Market Awards 2017 by CRM Magazine. This is the third year in a row that bpm'online made it onto the leaderboard in Midmarket CRM Suite category, with impressive scores all around.

bpm’online has been honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner for the Best Relationship Management Solution of the Year in the 11th Annual International Business Awards. Winners were selected from over 3,500 nominations.

In 2015 for the second time in a row bpm’online is selected as ISM Top 15 CRM Award winner by, ISM Inc., Customer-Centric Strategic Advisors. The company is positioned as a leader in the fast-paced CRM industry.

Bpm’online received a 2015 CRN® Enterprise App Award for its bpm’online mobile CRM application. Bpm’online’s mobile app was selected by a CRN editorial panel based on a combination of critical factors including functionality; suitability to task; ease of use; innovation; and potential value to solution providers, their customers and the market in general.

bpm’online is proud to be named the winner of the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013 - the pan-European awards event for IT, ISV and Telecoms channels.

Bpm’online named a CRM Watchlist 2016 winner among the top global CRM vendors.

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