What Is Contact Management?

Contact management software is actually a database that contains information about different individuals. Considering the fact that contacts are the core of any business, this kind of database is a necessity to any contemporary company.

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With an ever growing number of contract management software solutions on the market, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. Therefore, misconceptions are rather common and it’s best to learn what contact management software is and whether it is a compatible match for your business.

Frequently Confused Terms

Contact management software is often confused with customer management software, and also, quite strangely, with a management contract.

For starters, those terms should be cleared up. Customer management software is a tool with much more functions and instruments than contact management software. It’s safe to say that a CRM is actually an evolved version of contact management software.

On the other hand, a management contract is a term used for an agreement between two companies. Thanks to it, one company can participate in the managerial duties of another company in return for a fee.

What Does Contact Management Software Do?

Suitable for every business

First of all, not every software solution is suitable for every business. The fact is that most would be applicable, but that doesn’t mean they are compatible.

Suitable tool for startups

A piece of software such is contact management is a suitable tool for startups and small business that need something similar but less complex than customer management software.

Other functions

Other than its main function – to show you the basic information about your customers – contact management software can also: provide you with a neat database, enable you to create different accounts, offer maintenance tools, help you simplify your order process, keep track of activities, record events in one calendar.

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How to Know That You Need One?

There’s a lot of talk about customer retention lately, and this software is an affordable tool that small business can use in order to keep their target audience happy and satisfied.

When your business gets swamped with work, your customers will feel that they are not getting as much attention as before. And when a customer doesn’t feel appreciated, they won’t waste too much time trying to work things out with your business – ninety percent of unsatisfied customers will go straight to your competition.

Contact management software can help you prevent that because it can serve as a simple yet effective platform you can build your business on.

Here at bpm’online, our contact management solution is a web-based one. This is a very important characteristic to look for in a contemporary tool, because your agents need to work on the go.

Besides, the fact that it’s a web-based platform implies that you won’t have to worry as much about the security of your data – even if something happens to your system and it crashes, your database will be safe and sound.

How Much Does This Piece of Software Cost?

The overall cost will mostly depend on your specific needs. Each business is a bit different than the other, but it’s good that you can scale the price according to your needs. The starting price is ten dollars and above. If you want to go for a more expensive option, you may encounter solutions that will cost you around three hundred dollars per month.

However, chances are that you wouldn’t be looking at a contact manager, but a CRM or sales force automation software the price of which goes from sixty to over three hundred per month.

For that reason, it’s mandatory that you first decide what kind of software your business needs. Otherwise, you might find yourself overpaying for a service you don’t need.

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