What is marketing automation and why it is important for your business

Get to know everything about marketing automation: what it is, how it works and how it can help your business grow


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What is marketing automation

Marketing automation is usually defined as a software aimed at automating diverse marketing processes.

Recently, more and more marketing departments struggle to automate repetitive tasks, including emails, social media, and other website actions. Professional marketers say that marketing automation is good at streamlining lead generation, segmentation, nurturing, and scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention, and marketing ROI measurement as well.

What does marketing automation do?

what is marketing automation in crm

Marketing automation lets you implement a digital marketing strategy without putting in too much time and effort. Good automation tools help business owners identify their audience, create the most suitable content, and automatically trigger actions based on customer behavior.

Once your campaign rolls out, you can focus on more interesting tasks, then analyze and tweak your marketing plan as results start coming in. An automated marketing strategy saves time and resources, driving revenue and ROI while you focus on growing your business.

Who uses marketing automation tools?

what is marketing automation in crm

Marketing automation is an integral part of every successful organization. Thousands of organizations, big and small, using marketing automation as well. As it is, organizations across all industries are using it.

In the very beginning, marketing automation solutions were mostly used by B2B industries, such as high-tech, manufacturing, and business services. With time, B2C industries such as healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, and retail started to adopt marketing automation software for its real-time, engagement-oriented approach to maintaining and extending customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Top benefits of marketing automation

Implementing marketing automation software can bring you a number of benefits. First and foremost, it frees marketers from repetitive tasks and helps to boost profits automatically. In most cases, marketing and sales departments use such tools to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities. This, in turn, maximizes organization’s efficiency and increases revenue. With the right automation tool in place, employees are free to tackle high priority problems. What’s more, there is a higher chance of reducing human error.

Overall, marketing automation helps with lead generation, nurturing, and scoring, as well as with measuring overall ROI on campaigns. Powerful marketing automation systems are designed to scale alongside your business. Below you can see other worthy reasons to implement marketing automation software.

Improves customer experience

A key benefit of marketing automation is that it helps provide a better customer experience. Marketing automation technology allows for sending behavioral triggered emails. Used hand in hand with website personalization, such emails allow users to create a highly personalized customer experience.

Boosts ROI and staff costs

The next benefit of marketing automation is that it boosts ROI on staff costs. Marketing automation reduces the need to employ staff to do to repetitive marketing tasks. This allows you to streamline your team and cut staff costs. Now, your streamlined team is free to focus on high impact tasks. The ones that bring the most value to your business. This improves ROI on the money you invest in employing them.

Predicting and shaping behavior

Smart marketing automation makes use of machine learning to improve product recommendations over time. Every interaction your customers make gives you more data. Over time, you can use automation to predict and shape what your customers do next, encouraging them to spend more. You can use automations to generate demand, drive conversions, and increase revenue.

Choosing the best marketing automation software

Selecting a new automation software can be challenging. Make sure you are giving the technology selection process the attention it deserves. It’s important if you don’t want to keep changing your CRM. Doing so can not only drive up costs, but also decrease productivity and hinder your ability to operate at 100% as you manage the change.

As with any technology selection, you need to evaluate the available solutions in light of several factors, including your business objectives, specific business requirements, desired future state and existing technology environment. In addition to the general considerations, we recommend evaluating the following factors:

Bpm’online marketing CRM: provides best practice processes for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing, to final hand-off to sales.

Bpm’online as the best marketing automation software

Bpm’online marketing is a robust marketing automation software that helps to gain demand generation excellence through identifying customers’ needs and nurturing their interests until they are successfully transformed into opportunities. The software provides best practice processes for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing, to final hand-off to sales. Bpm’online marketing comes with efficient email marketing tools that enable users to establish and maintain personalized communications with every customer.

what is marketing automation in crm

Bpm’online provides high-end marketing tools. By utilizing email marketing features, you will be able to send personalized bulk emails in just a few clicks. You can also use intuitive campaign designer to create efficient multichannel campaigns. Another great feature is website behavior tracking solution that helps users to track visitor behavior on their website, which helps personalize marketing communications.

Bpm’online comes complete with all the needed features for efficient marketing automation. Some of them include 360° customer view, lead management, lead segmentation, website behavior tracking, personalized email marketing, event management, business process management, productivity tools, system designer and others. You can try bpm’online marketing for free to evaluate its functionality right away.