What is Marketing Automation?

Modern marketing teams need marketing automation to stay ahead. With marketing automation software a business can be more productive, open up new possibilities for campaigns, and make marketing related tasks easier.

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What is marketing automation exactly?

This term is used for a software solution which can automate, streamline and measure all important marketing workflows and tasks. With all of these things, one will be able to improve efficiency, increase revenue and become a more serious marketing team. Simply put, this kind of solution covers all of marketing efforts and gives valuable technologies through which a business can improve results.

How to know when it is needed?

All marketers that want to be successful at their jobs need these platforms. However, certain questions need to answered in order to determine this.

  • Are you having troubles with identifying, engaging and tracking your buyers?
  • Are you able to create, update, and manage a list of all your current customers and organize it based on important factors?
  • Are you finding it difficult to prioritize leads based on their value and engagement?
  • Are you having difficulties measuring the ROI of all your marketing campaigns and their contribution?
  • Are you unable to do the things mentioned above in an organized and predetermined way?
  • If the answer is yes to at least one of these questions, then you need marketing automation as soon as possible.

Which marketing tasks can be covered with marketing automation?

These kinds of solutions allow anyone to be better at all of their marketing tasks including:

Measuring the marketing campaign ROI

By streamlining all of marketing actions through a CRM system with marketing automation, one can improve the communication with the sales team. The sales team and the marketing team need to be diligent with inputting information.

When a marketing automation, CRM, website and social networks are integrated together, all of the important data will go through the CRM. This means that it will be possible to make quite accurate measurements on ROI. Additionally, most software solutions come with analytic tools, making this job easier.

Customer retention

There are many ways to utilize marketing automation to retain customers. For example, marketers like to automate their follow-up emails after customers have bought something to learn how satisfied they are with the products or services. Another example is to automate social media posting and create constant activity to engage customers and connect with them on a higher level.

Generating and nurturing leads

CRM software allows any business to gather information about prospects from emails, forms and landing pages. This information can then be provided to sales teams, so that they can nurture those leads.

Email marketing

Marketing automation allows the creation customized emails and send them automatically to a predetermined target audience. Additionally, it’s possible to track those emails and see how they were used in order to create better strategies in the future.

Marketing personalization

One might think that automation and personalization don’t work well together. However, by relying on automation to gain valuable insights on a much higher level and by relying on this knowledge to create a personalized approach, one will be able to achieve this.

Managing cross-channel campaigns

With a CRM solution all marketing channels will be visible in a single place. This makes it easier for marketers to get a better picture of their overall efforts and learn more about their audiences. Businesses can easily cover all channels without getting a headache.

Generating reports

All reliable CRM solutions have reporting features, allowing users a high level of customization. Not only is it easier to report on ROI, but everyone can easily make reports about their work, results and key performance indicators. As marketing campaigns are monitored from their start to the very end, it’s easy to set up even automated reports.

Social media marketing

A lot of CRM solutions have social media integrations, allowing employees to perform actions on different platforms through a single window. Beside the fact that, they won’t have to switch between social networks, they will also have all the important social metrics in front of them, ready to be included into reports.

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