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Personalized bpm’online mobile marketing automation

In the age of technological revolution and the time when Internet has conquered the world, how can you keep up with the customer’s needs and wishes? An easy answer is bubbling on the surface. A simple question can give you a hint: can you tell me when was the last time you checked your phone? An obvious answer, isn’t it? I am sure it was not more than 20 minutes ago. It will be fair to assume that your clients, any number of them, will answer the same. So, the obvious reply for the previous question is mobile technology and mobile marketing automation.

Thankfully, hardware can support a lot of potentially lucrative software ideas.

So, here we are talking about the fusion of the social networks and CRM systems in one elegant bpm’online marketing automation solution for mobile devices. The solution that will be able to help you in more than just several ways.

The mobile marketing tool will support the capability to get closer to your clients and react instantly on even an inclination of an interest offering personalized content.

Information still rules the world so gather as much as you can on your potential customers to turn them into loyal clients.

Be first to offer something new. Do not wait for the report to check current information on the running campaign – check before sending email blast, and target the emails according to your interests and wishes.

More than that make it all automatic. Just edit minor details – that will allow you to always be on time and close to your customers. The modern studies show that the mobile devices use will only increase with years that means it is the software that you cannot go wrong with.

Improve your marketing processes with bpm’online software!

Bpm’online marketing functionality

So, let us check out the bpm’online marketing tool features you can use in reaching your goals:

360° customer view

Gather all the relevant information about your customers, location and field, important events and dates. Get to know your clients better to offer things relevant specifically to them. Keep track of the purchase history to understand the tastes and preferences of your customers. Use intelligent data enrichment tools to fill in the information you are missing. Analyze your approach and target points with the analytical tools available in the system.


Segment and conquer. Divide your customers into the target groups according to the relevant points. Be closer to the clients by offering something they specifically interested in or have been checking out for some time. Make personal approach, offering new level of content marketing automation and hit the 100% of interest with complex campaign segmentation process adjusted to your particular company.

Website behavior tracking

Collect all the information from the prospects’ browsing history to make sure you offer something he or she is interested in. Create leads straight from the registration information. Check what pages of your site are the most visited and popular and which need to be updated and changed with analytical tools. Check the sources of your leads to understand the best advertising channels for you.

Lead management

Use the information collected previously to manage your incoming leads in the most timely and cost-effective way. Qualify the leads for further contact according to the established points of relevance to establish their needs and interests to approach them with relevant information. Hand off to sale only highly qualified leads with all the details recorder to mike the sales rate go off the charts. Use analytical tools to make sure you are using the correct approach to your prospects.

Take your marketing to the next level by implementing bpm’online software!