What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile marketing automation refers to tools that can help you automate and coordinate your marketing campaigns through mobile channels, so that you can gain a competitive edge and effectively reach out to consumers who are using their mobile devices, that is, smartphones, tablets and laptops, to search for the products or services you offer.

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What Does It Mean for Your Business?

What is mobile marketing automation then? It refers to the use of mobile marketing automation software in order to execute, manage and automate all your mobile marketing processes and tasks, so that you can perfectly optimize and personalize mobile experience for every single person interacting with your brand, thereby improving customer engagement and inspiring their trust and loyalty.

With a mobile marketing automation tool, you can easily track your website events, that is, track your website visitors from their very first visit, and collect necessary information for learning more about their needs and preferences regarding your products or services. Why do you need that information? You need it to better understand how to meet those needs and convert quality leads into customers.

What is mobile marketing automation software actually doing to help you gather that information?

When a person visits your website via their mobile device, their web browser collects and stores information about all the pages that they visit on your site, the path they take while navigating your site, and the time they spent on it, including the time spent on each visited page. Your mobile marketing automation tool collects all that information and helps you learn more about your leads’ behaviour on your site.

When they register on your site, your mobile marketing automation software gathers their cookie files and transfers them to an appropriate profile in the leads section in the tool. With a simple click on the tool’s dashboard, you can access every lead’s profile and see exactly what their pain points are, so that you can develop effective strategies for addressing them and resolving all the issues.

You can also plan and manage all your mobile marketing events, such as advertising campaigns, product promotions, webinars, conferences and various other marketing activities. Our mobile marketing automation software enables you to segment your target customers and send emails, push notifications, in-app messages, SMSs, MMSs, and even notifications to wearable devices. You can track event locations and dates, and keep track of all the responses regarding your events.

Bpm’online mobile marketing automation tool also enables data enrichment through social media, as it comes with pre-build social media integration features that help you find all your customers on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels and enrich the leads’ profiles that you have created.

Bpm’online mobile marketing automation tool is embedded in our cutting-edge CRM software, which means that you can have a 360-degree view of your customers and, armed with all their social media information and their behaviour on your website, you can easily reach out to them on their mobile devices and engage them in your brand.

Since bpm’online CRM solution is integrated with our mobile marketing automation tool, it can help you manage all your mobile marketing tasks on-to-go and instantly access all your customer information whenever you need. You can manage your tasks from any portable device, be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and reach out to your customers and prospects to build strong relationships wherever you are, so try it for free and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Mobile marketing automation essentially comes down to segmentation of your mobile audience, collection of mobile user data, sending automated emails, text and multimedia messages, push notifications and in-app messages, and analyzing user behaviour, all with the goal of getting to know your target customers better, so that you can optimize your mobile marketing campaign and deliver personalized service, leading your leads directly to the point of sale.

With the complete view of your leads and customers, mobile marketing automation tool enables you to enhance your marketing campaign, improve engagement and retention, and increase your sales and ROI.

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