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Bpm’online CRM for Marketing Management is a cloud-based CRM designed to manage complex omnichannel communication excelling demand generation.

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What are the benefits of CRM for Marketing Management

Exploiting all available communication channels to reach your potential clients, keeping potential buyers warm until they become sales-ready and analyzing the progress of marketing campaigns would be extremely time-consuming tasks if there weren’t for top marketing automation platforms like bpm’online, which is a technological toolset developed to automate key marketing operations.

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Website behavior tracking

Website behavior tracking enables you to get a better understanding of who your potential customers are. With website behavior tracking at your disposal, you can get an opportunity to find out who is actually interested in your products or services and who is just browsing. For example, you can discover what specific pages the person visited and how much time they spent there. In addition, your marketers will know the location, time of visit and so forth. All of the aggregated data are automatically sent to the marketing automation platform and attached to lead’s profile.

Mobile marketing automation platform

The need to access critical customer data using different gadgets at any given time and location has made mobile automation platforms extremely popular. That is why there is a need for the best mobile marketing automation platform for your marketers to access the necessary customer information from any device. You can schedule your activities, meetings or calls using a smartphone or a tablet. Save all your presentations in the knowledge base and show them during a customer meeting right from your mobile device. Update and add a contact, account and lead information to the system as a result of the meeting for future references. You can even use the mobile app offline – data will be instantly synchronized as soon as you get back online.

Personalized email marketing

Customer satisfaction is the most important indication of your success, thus the strategy of customer centricity affects every aspect of a business. Marketing teams not only need to determine their target audience appropriately, they also need to address each of their leads personally. An individual approach to every customer is essential if you want to establish a community of loyal customers. Leverage the capabilities of contact management tools to personalize your communications with clients. Start emails with a personal greeting and personalize email content using the built-in content designer. Make the most of your email communications with little to no effort! Segment target audiences, schedule bulk emails, send bulk emails to a target audience and track responses with a few clicks of a mouse.

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