Choosing the best sales automation solution for your company

Discover what benefits sales automation software can bring to your business. Check them all and decide whether such tool can satisfy your unique business needs.


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What does sales automation solution mean to your business?

Sales automation is a strategic process, which allows for streamlining sales, marketing, and support while giving your customers an extensive set of benefits at the same time. Here we will be taking you through a look at how you can put your sales on autopilot while steadily increasing your presence, productivity and profitability. Sales automation and sales team management comes integrated with a fully-fledged CRM supporting every area of your enterprise.

Key advantages of bpm’online as a sales automation solution

Bpm’online sales is a sales automation solution that lets you built a process that does not require any further attention or interaction in order to operate silently, stabilizing and streamlining an area of sales while upping your income and improving your overall efficiency. By adjusting your customer interaction procedure, sales protocols, and general approach to sales and marketing, a good sales automation solution can support you with analytics and forecasting. From strategic data-driven decision making to better back-office management than most have ever seen, our sales automation platform has a rich feature set.

Boost your sales and increase ROI by implementing bpm’online CRM

Sales automation software for all internal processes

Our sales automation software delivers BPM tools spanning everything from collaboration to team management, sales, and document flow automation. Intuitive and easy to construct process modeling, execution, monitoring, and analysis are provided by bpm’online sales. Sales automation software snapping into contracts, lead management, sales forecasting and boasting an expansive array of out-of-the-box processes, you will not get a better sales CRM.

Unbeatable document flow automation for your business

Whether you need to automate an aspect of collaboration or deliver a way to capture leads, contact info and other details from trade show promotions and business cards amassed during your day, an all-inclusive sales automation solution is essential. Document flow automation does not get more comprehensive that the toolset and tracking supplied by bpm’online. No matter what information you have in your database, documents can be fully tracked. Specify the type of document that you want to track, analyze, and link according to future prospects and opportunities, past orders, buying trends, marketing channels and more. Bpm’online sales lets you populate existing pre-set templates or any documents custom-created while approvals and activities are individually logged.

Orders and invoices with full tracking

Orders and invoices are generated and captured directly into your CRM. Any aspect of the presales, sales or after sales process can be streamlined and personalized to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Segmented analysis of the automation process allows for dividing documents and internal ordering or invoicing according to any criteria users prefer. Manage according to account type, budgets, a product or range, service type, ownership, or any other status and receive a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your order processing. All this and more has been simplified thanks to bpm’online CRM.

Streamline the entire sales cycle and close more deals by implementing bpm’online CRM

Forecasting, data segmentation and advanced reporting

For fantastic forecast accuracy which takes into consideration multiple models spanning everything from out-of-the-box pre-set processes to custom crafted criteria, your sales will be smarter when using our sales automation solution. From driving retention to improving your up-sell, cross-sell and streamlining lead filtering and marketing management, bpm’online sales is a total sales automation platform. Using our clear to-the-point interface and reports crafted using any data segmentation selected, personalized content will allow you to understand your buyers better. From this basis your marketing and sales will be more engaging.

Elevated team performance with our sales automation solution

A sales automation solution is not only an analytical tool for upper management but rather an asset to all team members of the team. With the entirety of your database accessible on the go to any privilege level you prefer, everything is made more effective. From administrative tasks to advertising and determining the viability of leads and prospects, bpm’online keeps customers satisfied by keeping your staff up-to-date, informed and well-equipped with everything they need in or out of the office. Your team will not only have access to a database of all your customer information and interactions, but our sales automation platform gives strategic advice, goal setting, detailed analyses of competition and tactics, and a range of sales automation tools to sort and filter potential and existing leads. Use SmartCloud Connect to use your existing Outlook-based email mailbox into a portal to interact with bpm’online sales. From either your email directly or with the added assistance of your Outlook Calendar, individual and collaborative planning can begin to bring its benefits to your enterprise.

Synchronization and integration for any infrastructure

Our sales automation solution supplies you with a platform incorporating flawless synchronization and integration feature. Regardless of whether you’re a one-workstation office or part of an Exchange or Active Directory environment, bpm’online sales operated side-by-side seamlessly. Thanks to using the user and permission structure of your network as a blueprint, segmenting sales, marketing, and support levels is made simple. Import to or from Microsoft Excel, allowing you to share your reporting and analysis with third-party consultants and members of the public if need be, while the facility also allows the metrics measured and captured to be used in other applications. There is no easier way to keep your bookkeeping in check on a real-time basis.

Bpm’online sales: the best sales automation tool

As you can see, a sales automation solution from a leading software provider like bpm’online gives you a platform, which has the potential to expand your business to a greater reach. Customer interaction within a large enterprise can quickly become a nightmare to manage. Yet if you have the help of sales automation software unifying customer relationships and their interactions to a singular database, accessible through one intuitive interface, then the metrics give you a great deal of leverage. Switching to our sales automation solution is a process, which improves productivity while never drastically changing the way that you like to work. Document flow is logical, integration with Outlook, Exchange and even Google ensures things stay the way you are used to, while advanced automation makes everyone’s experience better, from sales staff to the customer themselves.