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Understand your customer needs and behavior by implementing bpm’online sales. The tool allows for identifying the correct time to market your products to the customers.


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When you are looking to maximize profits while shaping a customer experience that will lift your reputation and reel in new leads, you need a CRM package with a comprehensive assortment of cutting-edge tools. From managing your prospects and campaigns to streamlining the sales process and shaping new channels for marketing and customer support, bpm’online sales is the perfect option. There is no better way to automate sales while customizing every component of the process along the way. As the best sales CRM around, bpm’online sales covers campaigns, lead management, opportunity management, orders & invoicing, and even customer service. This online sales CRM software shapes your user experience around the feel of social media while giving you relevant metrics and in-depth yet easy-to-understand reporting.

The best sales CRM available

If you are searching for a new software for your sales department, look no further. Bpm’online sales is a management tool that lets you track and analyze customer interactions while molding a sales interface which your customers will love. Regardless of which package you select – team, commerce or enterprise, you are guaranteed innovative processes for managing every step of the way, from lead to contract. Cloud-based online sales CRM software comes with countless advantages, facets of control that allow you to shape the entire sales cycle upon key procedural insights. The interface could not be quicker while our framework takes care of all the complexities.

Bpm’online sales: tailored to increase the revenue of your company to a great extent.

Online sales CRM software advantages

Bpm’online sales is a cloud-based CRM that drives efficient sales processes and enables total control over the complete customer journey – from lead generation to loyal repeat sales. Employ out-of-the-box processes to manage the entire sales cycle! Intuitive, easy to understand and showing only the information necessary, bpm’online sales is a pleasure to use for both: customers and sales reps. The design is clean, well-structured and optimized to deliver a frills-free experience. You are given a platform, which helps you develop a 360-degree view of your customers. Using this superior database, you can better determine their buying behavior and personal preferences. Customer acquisition and retention is taken a step-above the competition thanks to advanced business process management and a vast range of processes to help forecast sales & opportunities.

Forecast sales based on the variable criteria

Make sure your goals are achieved with bpm’online sales forecasting tools. You can easily plan sales volumes by managers, accounts or industries. Compare indicators across periods and apply smart filtering tools to get the information you need within a matter of seconds. Metrics and insights are delivered and manageable through the advanced selection of collaboration tools. All of your customer's connections are tracked and available for sales forecasting. You are also given a way to evaluate and judge the probability of meeting a sales quota, including the ability to monitor individual sales reps when needed. Through enriching the digital experience by custom creating your sales funnel according to the behavioral patterns of your customers, businesses can heighten the level of personal interaction while vastly improving lead processing and profitability as well.

Lead generation

Bpm’online sales has all the right tools for capturing and tracking leads through a broad range of sources. Add leads from different sources into a single database in just a few clicks. Let bpm’online CRM automatically verify the data, create a new contact and guide you through the process of lead management. Management and sales are optimized and support by thorough lead management. Bpm’online CRM enriches all lead data delivering a lead qualification process leaving only contacts that are sales-ready. Follow-ups are setup automatically and all the necessary info is placed at your fingertips. After qualification, our sales CRM software then assists you through lead distribution. You pick prospects based on any criteria preferred, while our platform can also carry our lead nurturing campaigns for those would-be customers that just missed the cut. With all the details ready and waiting, your lead is then handed off to sales.

The pinnacle of process management

One of the main advantages of our online sales CRM software is its internal automation. Spanning everything from approvals on documents to team management across complex multi-unit management, you are given a complete set of tools for the job. Using bpm’online CRM, you are able to squeeze out the maximum efficiency from any process within your organization. The software features Case Management, offering a flexible approach to optimizing your outcomes. Using context-based patterns, users can set up the most productive path to achieve the result needed. While this complexity may sound daunting, management and owners will love the way that you structure each process using nothing more than an easy-to-understand drag-and-drop interface. Taking advantage of industry-leading processes could not be quicker or easier, just follow the guidelines given at each step of the way and our CRM software for sales department excellence does the rest.

Superior online sales CRM software knowledge base

A knowledge base is an online library, which stores articles, scripts, and guidelines for new employees, document templates, presentations, and answers to frequently asked questions, and all other vital information proving useful to customers and employees. The knowledge base takes on many features of social networks. For example, users can like posts and share ideas and comments. This helps other users to quickly and easily find the most popular presentation or the most useful answer.

Bpm’online sales integrates a knowledge base, which is the best. No matter which aspect of our online sales CRM software, which you need help with, there is well-documented guidelines and support readily available. Knowledge management is supplied in a segmented structure giving you access to all commonly asked questions while also allowing you to find cross-linked subjects by assigning keywords to each article. Finding answers and understanding online sales CRM software has never been simpler.

Cross-platform synchronization

This robust sale CRM is cross-compatible with all popular platforms. Data can be imported and exported to Excel, while seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange is also featured. This guarantees that your staff always has access to all the crucial information needed. Bpm’online sales is even integrated directly with PABX systems, and it supports SIP-numbers. From Outlook to Google integration, our online sales CRM software has it all.

Highly customizable interface

As the best sales CRM available, bpm’online sales won’t disappoint you. When you combine the rich-data and analytics compiled into a single database with the superbly flexible user interface customization and broad toolset of the system designer, you have a powerful package which can be optimized for any business environment. You are given a way to put together stunning contracts and email templates while benefiting from agile localization, advanced document management, and email optimization for display on different devices and operating systems. Enterprise clients using Active Directory can snap straight into bpm’online CRM. Boasting tracking of every metric, our online sales CRM software even keeps an activity log of all events chronologically across the entire system.

Bpm’online sales will help you accelerate your sales processes without compromising the quality of the service you provide.

Online sales CRM software for all businesses

A reliable CRM with total sales integration is an enhancement to your marketing, sales and total customer service. Bpm’online sales is not just a CRM software for sales department use, but also a package assisting marketing, lead processes, document management and more. There are few better ways to redesign your marketing strategy while formulating and forming the best possible customer portal to support your vision. Business growth is bolstered on multiple levels, streamlining the acquisition of new leads while helping you determine the best way to help your staff steadily increase sales while lifting customer opinion and your overall presence. No matter how big your organization grows or how straightforward your needs, this is the ultimate online sales CRM software available.