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They say sales success is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude. But, what happens when customers turn as tentative as they are today? Or, when there’s too many of them to employ a single tactic that would be equally effective for every conversion? Are attitude and aptitude enough then, or do you need some help from technology? Digital times call for digital measures, so why not automate?

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The Sales Process Automation That Converts Every Time

Sales have changed a lot in the past few decades.

If you can remember the old-school approach, you’ll find that today’s customer conversion strategies could not be more different. The gut instinct, lack of lead research, and little to no organized processes of the years gone-by could never deliver in today’s rocky landscape of B2C and B2B relations.

The challenges are way bigger today, ensuing from both the ever-changing needs of our customers and the ever-present competition that lurks from every corner of the market. Along with uncertainties which are the trademark of sales, these challenges can’t be overcome without some automation.

That’s why our CRM system boasts a panoply of sales automation tools that will make you a leader of today’s unpredictable customer journeys, simply by helping you convert and retain every single time.

What Is Sales Process Automation ?

To automate sales means more than to put separate parts of the cycle on autopilot. Though it does automate sales processes, just as it name says, it also provides a holistic approach to streamlining lead acquisition, pipeline management, forecasting, customer interactions, and much, much more.

Sales process automation thus refers to process-driven practices and tools that allow companies and their salespeople to stay on top of their game, simultaneously automating the manual part of the work and optimizing the rest for the best possible results. In fewer words, SAP refers to sales excellence.

Keeping Up the Pace with Modern-Day Customers

We can all agree that the biggest challenge of today’s sales practices are the customers themselves.

Their purchasing habits have changed beyond recognition, mostly thanks to the internet and the experience economy as a result of ongoing devaluation of material goods and the prevailing importance of intangible experiences. Today, sales success relies on engaging customer interactions.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Neither experiences nor interactions can be uniformed. Different customers require different approaches, and none of them can be entrusted to the gut instinct alone. Salespeople need hard data to tell them who their customers are, and tools to collect and interpret this data on their behalf.

That’s why bpm’online sales automation software has been designed to guide your salespeople through the pipeline, and provide insightful intelligence at each consecutive stage. The feature of greatest benefit here is our 360° customer view, offering holistic and detailed insight into customers.

When you need to understand their purchase history, determine what they prefer and what they don’t, get a sense of their communication habits, or tailor an entire customer experience that’s both personalized and sales-driven, just take a glance at your screen. Bpm’online will do the rest for you.

Boosting Efficiency and Driving More Sales

And now, a few words on the sales aptitude.

In theory, a good salesperson should possess great people skills, be self-sufficient, resourceful, and equipped with knowledge about their customers, have a hunter’s mentality and discipline, and boast both the intelligence and passion needed for continual professional development in their field of work.

In daily practice, however, even the best salesperson can easily lose their drive, focus, and efficiency.

For that reason, bpm’online is set to boost productivity as well.

The purpose of sales process automation is twofold – to free your salespeople from the shackles of manual work, and to help them establish and follow the most effective daily routines. Once armed with management tools for business processes, projects, lead acquisition, forecasting, contracts and products, they can remove all the obstacles and remain focused solely on driving more and more sales.

Automating Predictable and Recurring Sales Tasks

The main benefits of workplace automation are productive employees who are willing to go an extra mile when contributing to your company’s overall progress, and precision of administrative tasks that eliminates errors, discrepancies and oversights while reducing damage control costs at the same time.

In general, this refers to all those recurring, but important little tasks in your sales process automation, such are allocating accounts, conducting sales calls, creating and sending invoices, or managing document flow.

Automation allows you to complete them once, schedule them for later, and leave the rest to your sales tool. When the time comes, the tool will either perform the task by itself, or notify you that something has to be done. That way, both the team efficiency and the process accuracy are ensured.

Optimizing the Sales Cycle with bpm’online

The best sales systems are process-driven, which means that they approach the sales cycle with the same kind of well-structured, modelled and trackable set of practices and tools that are the epitome of effective business process management. Every bpm’online sales feature is based on this approach.

So, let’s see what it is that your company needs for optimizing its sales processes.

Besides the 360° customer view and efficiency that comes from automation of repetitive task, bpm’online offers a comprehensive set of tools for lead acquisition, opportunity management and sales forecast, just as well as field sales, contract, product, project, and knowledge management.

All of these features guarantee optimization of sales processes at their respective stages through the sales cycle. Starting with leads, which need to be captured, analysed, and qualified before they enter the pipeline, and ending with sales forecasting, which requires thorough analysis of the current progress in order to meet and exceed sales quota, the bpm’online tool optimizes the whole nine yards.

With your leads being qualified for the best results, and your sales team equipped with all the right automation processes and tools for converting and retaining customers, you no longer have to worry about meeting the quota. Feel free to shoot for the stars, for bpm’online will help you exceed them.

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