Business process management tools: why so many companies adopt them today

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Best BPM tools: why your company needs them

Today, many entrepreneurs understand that business success requires more than just the traditional contact center management skills. With new technologies coming up, staying up-to-date is of the utmost importance. Among the latest trends every business is looking up to is the use of business process management tools for automation, measuring, and optimizing various business processes.

About BPM tools

BPM tools use collaboration and workflow to provide meaningful metrics to business entrepreneurs through a systematic approach to managing and optimizing an organization’s processes. BPM tools help with facilitating designing, modeling, implementing and measuring business rules and workflows, thus ensuring businesses refine and optimize processes involving human interactions as well as business applications with the goal of minimizing human errors, reducing inefficiencies and miscommunications.

If you are looking for the best BPM system to scale with your growing organization, then you need to look deeper into the many options available on the market before choosing the right tool that perfectly fits your business needs. In short, your business organization is better equipped to respond to business change once you have developed and deployed composite process application using a BPM tool.

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Features and capabilities of BPM tools

Business process modeling

BPM software usually includes visual process designer that enables users to design and test process diagrams and workflows in the organization. The processes are usually created using the standard business process model and notation (BPMN) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) methodologies, and then carried in an executable language format like XPDL or BPEL. For professional process modeling, each model element is stored in a database for future use on other diagrams or update, and many of such tools support code generation or simulation.

Business rules engine

This feature allows users to create more complex sets of business rules and conditions as part of process design and execution in the organization.

Form generator: This allows users to create or build web-forms without necessarily coding or programming.

Workflow management

This feature allows users to design, test and execute complex workflows in an organization, coordinating the interactions between, systems, data, and people.


This BPM feature supports various aspects, including decision management, discussion threads, and idea management among others.


This feature enables users to define metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), and run both: custom and standard reports.


Best BPM tools can be easily integrated other popular applications, like sales, accounting, analytics and other commonly used software.

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Choosing the best BPM tool

The market today is crowded with many BPM tools all fighting to remain on the soft as the most credible players in the industry. You need to be cautious about the choice you make if you intend to achieve the best results. Often, the deployment of these suites stalls as a result of the high cost of consulting and training among others. You do not need a BPM tool that will serve only the highly qualified IT experts – it should be user-friendly and highly intuitive for all users.

In the process of identifying the best BPM tool, various aspects like the size of a company, specific needs of your business, industry and the problems you intend to solve need to be put into consideration. In regards to this, always ask the following questions:

  1. What are the problems that I aim to solve?
  2. Who will be handling the processes?
  3. What is the expected return on investment from the BPM tool?
  4. Are my processes human- or system-centric?

Other crucial considerations to make are such as cost, ability to share and collaborate, how information is stored and secured, exportability and usability of the software.

Which is the best BPM tool?

Based on your specific business needs, you can be sure to find the best BPM suite for your company. Top on the list of the BPM suites recommended for any business is bpm’online studio.

More about bpm’online studio

This BPM tool stands out as the unique synergy of business process management and case management technologies that offer business organizations powerful tools for easy management and optimization of business processes. The system can be hosted in the cloud or installed and operated from the company’s in-house server and computing infrastructure.

Benefits of bpm’online studio

We have already stated that this BPM suite is regarded as the leader in the industry thanks to its ability to efficiently manage and optimize various processes within an organization. The key benefits of bpm’online studio include:

  • Out-of-the-box

This software system boasts of many pre-built marketing, sales and service solutions to enable you to manage and optimize various business processes.

  • Intelligence

You can now leverage intelligent technologies that enable you to automate operations that are otherwise rigorous and time-consuming

  • Low-code capabilities

Low-code development platform allows users with the least IT expertise to build apps and solutions faster. This is critical since you intend to have the entire organization’s staff brought on board regardless of their expertise in the technology world to prototype, test and deploy process-oriented applications rapidly.

Business processes are without doubt long, tedious and daunting. Besides, doing manually such processes may result in several challenges including bungling up of various steps, especially for the most complex processes. It is for this reason that many organizations today are embracing the use of sophisticated BPM tools that help them in reducing the time and minimizing process and workflow complexities within the organization. Bpm’online studio is one of the best options you may consider and never regret.

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