Create a unique company environment using a business process management approach

In the world of conformity, where every original idea is being chased only to be replicated within seconds by the competitor, creativity becomes a weapon that can significantly increase the value of your business.

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Importance of business process management

In 2018, technological possibilities are being improved every month while their implementation time becomes shorter and shorter. 

AI development is close to the incredible breakthrough within moments away. Therefore, the changes and technologies are being brought to the market of competitiveness between companies and corporations of all sizes and shapes. 

The CRM and BPM systems are tailored to revolutionize the workflow in the companies all over the world. They offer possibilities to use, elaborate or create business processes as well as approaches that simplify the means to automate the way businesses run. Thankfully, human nature is still intact and the irresistible desire to be unique and in most cases the best is strong as ever.

Thus, the companies fully equipped to win the battle of technologies have left with the only advantage of human creativity that must be implemented by the software.

Workflow only several hundred years ago was rather simple: get materials, manufacture and sell. However, now, at the age of development, the process got so complicated, detailed and different for diverse products and services that it could not be described in few words, though it still has the same stages. 

Thus, in the uniqueness of every process lies the secret of the companies’ success or a failure if it was less creative or based on wrong data analytics. Modern society and consequently market does not forgive or allow miscalculations on the stage of the development of the business process so the modern technologies obliged and created a BPM system to help with creating and testing workflow processes, avoiding the necessity to leap into unknown.

Main attributes of the modern business process software


The system must allow you the place for the maneuver, letting you express your ideas and test them.


It should allow you to attune the workflow to the overcoming changes. The system must be dynamic and easily changeable, giving you a possibility to change swiftly to the rapidly alterations and shifts in tastes, fashion or demand.


Only its creator could know complexity of the business process. Still, it should stay clear and understandable to the ones who is implementing it. Otherwise, chaos and misunderstanding will ruin even the most brilliant workflow.


The time runs and usually away, so the more world goes forward the faster the business needs to adjust. It is easier to do if you are always updated of the changes and hot news are not so crucially hot.


So, with all that let us check out the capabilities of the bpm’online studio that can easily satisfy the demanding business owner and make sure he can create, improve, alter and adjust his workflow according to both demanding prospects and loyal customers.

Bpm’online studio offers the following capabilities

  • Business process management

    Design your own business process using an easy drag and drop tool. The system will help you to create the workflow you need using the analytical data available. In addition, you could use the process library available – there you might find the most successful practices of the industry. Thanks to the business process management engine, you will be able to run multiple processes simultaneously. At the same time, the system will log and monitor every step of the process so that you would be able to analyze the data and find out the bottlenecks and possible issues to deal with the possible issue before they arise.

  • Case management

    Monitor the workflow with the Dynamic Case Management. The tool gives you unprecedented flexibility in changing the stages of the process and the steps within the process. Case engine will provide the crucial information on the interface focusing your attention on the critical points and suggesting the next step in order to solve any issue in the most cost and time-efficient way. Analytical data will help you analyze the case and come up with the way to improve and optimize the case execution.

  • System designer

    Attune the interface of your system according to your needs. Ensure it is comfortable for you to work with the system. Section wizard will help you to adjust the displayed information in the most convenient way. You can also adjust business rules to display different sections accordingly to the different cases.Bpm’online studio gives great possibility to import data and integrate with various applications: billing, ERP, calendar tools, Facebook and many others. Customize the system according to your internal rules and automate some inner processes to make your employees free from the routine tasks.

  • Core configuration

    Manage your employee, competitor, vendors etc. database within the system. Enrich, monitor and analyze the data within the system in just a few clicks. Keep all the communication within the system, contact your colleagues through the platforms chat. Call, email and text your client from the system leaving extensive notes on the conversation. Manage the tasks for particular employee or task the whole group with the convenient calendar tool.

  • Mobile application

    Be always up-to-date with the application tuned to your preferences using the mobile application wizard. The phone app could be used in both on and off-line mode whichever is more convenient at the moment. Update your colleagues and get the latest news with your mobile application of the system.

  • Security and administration

    Ensure multilevel security with the bpm’online platform, providing and denying access rights to particular person or a group according to their roles in the company. Use Single Sign-On (WebSSo) to make your integration and sign in process complication free. Active Directory credentials will ensure easy log-in process for the employees. After getting access to the system, it will record all the activities within it to keep track of all the events and access necessary information within milliseconds.

Make sure to stand out in the crowd of competitors. Be unique with the bpm’online platform!

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