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The best business process tracking software for your organization

BPM software is a well-developed system that helps to create, monitor and analyze workflows effectively within a business organization. The software is thus critical in ensuring businesses deliver on their set goals more effectively by clearly defining the processes that span company’s operations

Everything you should know about business process management software

BPM software is vital for any business as it focuses on improving the organization’s corporate performance through optimization and management of various processes. This is where BPM system comes in to help in mapping day-to-day processes to guarantee reduced inefficiencies, miscommunication and other mistakes within the working environment.

Organizations need the software to provide routing engine capabilities to route tasks from one individual to another, while a business process tracking software offers full process lifecycle functions, including process modeling, monitoring, and simulation. For this reason, a BPM suite will need to include optimization tools, user-friendly modeling, system integration tools, business activity monitoring dashboards as well as case and task management capabilities for the end users.

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Which type of business process tracking software is right for your organization?

Due to the ever-increasing demand for BPM software, several types have been developed and released to the market. The choice of system will thus depend on many factors, but what is most important is to ensure the system meets specific organizational needs.

Essential features to look for when choosing business process tracking software

Different types of BPM systems out there come with a variety of features, ensuring full optimization of diverse business processes. Efficient BPM tool includes the following features:

Mobile support

There is a need to consider a BPM software with customizable dashboards to allow setup of personalized working environments for your employees to access on their mobiles wherever they are.

Comprehensive reporting

This feature combines logic and the statistics on data collected to provide detailed reports on various business processes.

Integration with existing software

The right system should allow for integration with other systems and applications regardless of whether those applications are on-premise or cloud-based.


This feature is vital in providing critical insights into the most crucial aspects of doing business.

Business process optimization

This feature is necessary to ensure a significant reduction in time taken in discovering and optimizing business tasks to achieve better results.

Drag and drop form generator

This is usually considered as the simplest interface for users to design beautiful forms without coding. In many cases, it is said to be the most convenient and user-friendly even for people with or no technical knowledge of coding.


This feature must be available to ensure your business process tracking software is “future proof” and that you will not have to worry about system upgrade or outdated applications.

Role-based routing

A perfect business process tracking software comes with inbuilt organizational structures for you to specify roles for everyone within the organization if they are not already defined in another database.

Project management

This feature is crucial for monitoring and managing various business projects with a lot of ease.

Data collection, management, and analysis

In the modern-day business world, organizations are dealing with large amounts of data. Collecting, managing and analyzing of such data can be extremely daunting hence the need to have a robust business process management software to handle the processes.

Process mapping

This feature is critical in that it enables you to represent ideas and business processes in the form of maps, charts, flow diagrams and other forms of visuals that are easily understandable.

Real-time monitoring

The main essence of deploying the best business process tracking software is to ensure you monitor all business processes in real time while measuring the performance of key business indicators at the same time.

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Bpm’online studio as the leading business process management software

Bpm’online studio is the most agile business process management software for both medium and large enterprises. The system helps align data, processes, and involved teams to achieve the organization’s set goals. This solution is now cherished as one of the best solutions to give organizations the competitive edge required to thrive in the highly competitive corporate world. The software, through its several features, is centered on optimizing business processes thus driving the industrial value of an organization.

Benefits of using bpm’online studio

Improved productivity

The purpose of deploying BPM software in your business is to ensure automation of redundant elements in a workflow thus allowing employees to focus their time and energy on more productive areas. That is precisely what bpm’online will help you to achieve.

Reduced risks, increased efficiency

Deploying bpm’online studio will guarantee the creation of better-developed, designed, implemented and monitored business processes, which in turn result in increased efficiency in your organization.

Technology integration

It is the 21st century, and technology is taking over. Deploying a business process management system like bpm’online will help to bridge the gap between business and IT through the mobile support feature.

Employee satisfaction

As practice shows, a more satisfied employee is more productive in all aspects. With bpm’online, you can easily cut down on repetitive work thus allowing employees to do other tasks with a lot of ease.

Cost efficiency

Bpm’online studio allows your organization to maximize profits while minimizing losses due to streamlining of all business operations, automation of recurring tasks and monitoring of key performance indicators, as well as simulating workflows.

Improved customer relations

Customer interaction is vital for the progress of any business organization. Bpm’online thus comes in as a perfect platform to enable your organization’s customer support, and the entire staff to relate with target customers better and easier.

Ease of use

Bpm’online studio has a flexible and intuitive user interface, which enables users to convert complicated process forms into visuals, which are easier to understand.

Besides these, bpm’online studio boasts as one of the leading business process management software as it offers other benefits like reduced paperwork, improved account management, enhanced business agility and providing clarity on the strategic direction of an organization among others.

Achieve your business goals today with bpm’online studio that guarantees you the best management of business processes including sales, marketing, and service. The software has earned several awards aw\s a leader in the industry, and without doubt, the cutting edge BPM software will help you to improve your sales, marketing, and service results significantly.

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