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What are the benefits of CRM applications

In today’s fast-paced world, the companies that know how to build and maintain good customer relationships are more likely to win in the long run. That is why the adoption of modern CRM applications has skyrocketed significantly in recent years. Wondering whether customer management software makes sense for your business? Check out the biggest benefits of CRM systems below to define whether you need to implement one.




  • Increased efficiency: a powerful CRM system replaces manual processes that usually lead to organizational inefficiencies. In addition, most CRMs integrate with other applications, bringing in valuable customer information directly into your CRM. This, in turn, enables companies to communicate more efficiently with their customers.
  • Enhanced collaboration: CRM applications give companies the ability to move away from outdated tools, like spreadsheets. As it usually happens, the entire customer lifecycle is typically too complex to be managed effectively by one person. The use of CRM platforms allows employees in multiple departments to manage their customer relationships and get a complete picture of a customer at any time.
  • Easy data management: For many companies, data is one of the most valuable strategic assets, and CRM applications house some of the most valuable data. Popular CRM platforms offer a variety of homegrown and third-party tools that enable organizations to understand their CRM data and learn more about their customers.




Worthy reasons to implement CRM systems

The biggest advantage of CRM tools is that their use leads to better overall customer experience. With a powerful CRM system in place, customers are more accurately segmented, their needs identified, and because the status of a company’s relationship with them is accurately tracked, companies can interact with them meaningfully at the right times. All this leads to more sales, better marketing outcomes and higher customer retention and satisfaction.

The vast majority of business owners note that with a powerful CRM in place, it is much easier to capture the interest of customers. When chosen and implemented correctly, CRM helps increase both customer satisfaction levels and retention rates. In addition, CRM allows for providing better tracking of key metrics so that you can easily define how your salespeople are spending their time.

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How to choose the right CRM application for your business

Choosing the right CRM solution for your business can be challenging, especially if you are not much into CRM technology. When deciding on a new customer management software, there is a number of things to consider.

First, make sure that the chosen CRM solution fits your business size and that it is easy to use. Getting to know the total cost of the software is also a good idea. Remember, it is vital that you understand what problem you are trying to solve by implementing a new CRM.

According to statistics, most people adopt CRM applications to track leads and customer base. Another reason why companies adopt CRMs is to manage relationships, generate customized reporting, and organize business operations. CRMs are also good at increasing overall profitability and productivity.

As soon as you have understood your specific business needs, look for a solution that can be accessed using a variety of web-enabled devices. It is important to choose CRM that is flexible enough to handle your business processes. Your CRM should be able to grow with your business.

That is why you better search for the tool that will be able to adapt to your changing processes without having to be replaced. Ensuring that the CRM system you select can interface with other apps you already have in place is also highly recommended.

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Bpm’online CRM: why businesses choose this platform

Bpm’online is the most agile CRM platform for midsize and large enterprises. The main aim of the software is to accelerate sales, marketing, service, and operations. Bpm’online is good at aligning data and various business processes. What makes bpm’online so great is that it provides comprehensive full-fledge applications that can be deployed as standalone products, or as a bundle on a single platform.

Bpm’online products are backed by a robust business process management platform based on BPMN standards. Working with business processes in bpm’online is easy – the built-in visual process designer allows users to easily modify any pre-set processes or build new ones tuning the logic of the bpm’online application to their business needs.

Another great benefit is that bpm’online interface is intuitive and responsive what makes it pleasant and enjoyable to use. What’s more, bpm’online CRM provides 24/7 support to all clients with the first priority cases. It is also worth noting that the professional customer success manager is assigned to all customers once they purchase the first license.

Get to know bpm’online products better

Bpm’online marketing

Bpm’online marketing is a multichannel marketing platform to orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue.

This solution provides best practice processes for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing, to final hand-off to sales. Its superior features allow users to store various information about their customers, segment database and build data selections of any complexity. Additionally, the tool enables users to track visitor behavior on the website as well as identify lead generation channels and sources.

Exclusive lead management, event management, and business process management tools are also at your service. Intuitive campaign designer simplifies the process of creating efficient multichannel campaigns while advanced productivity tools allow users to plan their work, tasks, and meetings in the calendar within the system. Last but not least, system designer allows users to customize the system to fit their unique business needs – users can easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, or entire pages.

Bpm’online sales

Bpm’online sales is a sales automation software designed to accelerate the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales. Bpm’online sales includes referenced processes that serve as best practices for lead management, opportunity management, quote management, order management and invoicing.

Bpm’online sales comes in three different editions: team, commerce, and enterprise. Team package would be the ideal option for small and medium business with direct sales strategy. This edition provides ready-made processes for opportunity management meaning users can easily define tactics for each opportunity as well as identify key decision makers. Commerce package is the optimal choice for e-commerce businesses.

It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for a short sales cycle. This edition allows for maintaining product catalogue hierarchy based on the structure of your product portfolio. Enterprise package is the perfect suite for medium and large enterprises.

The edition is aimed at managing multiple sales channels, including field force, e-commerce, wholesale distribution, and POS. Its additional features include sales forecasting, contract management, opportunity management, product catalogue management, and many others.

Bpm’online service

Bpm’online service is an intelligent service management platform to accelerate service delivery and customer delight. This product offers out-of-the-box processes for full-cycle service management. Bpm’online service comes in two editions: customer center and service enterprise.

The first one, customer center, is the optimal choice for companies that are looking to manage omnichannel communications. Customer center is designed for the customer service of a large-scale support teams that deal with a high flow of inbound and outbound communications.

As for the service enterprise edition, it is designed for large-scale service management throughout the entire service lifecycle: from customer request to the implementation of changes and release design. Check out both editions and choose the one that suits your needs best.

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