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Nowadays, fast growing technology is seeping into every part of human interaction. Thus, every part of business process is becoming more technologically augmented.


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Service departments are considered the most human-oriented ones. These days, support service centers are becoming more complex and IT-dependent.

Every business reaches the point when it needs to deal with customer feedback and common issues. Of course, if you are a small restaurant owner you may put up your photo on the wall with your number and a phrase “Let me know if you do not like our service”. In this way, you will show your personal approach to the dealing with issues and deep care about your customer satisfaction.

Counting on the high quality of your place, you would receive a call or two per month about a napkin or lack of fresh flowers on the table, but that could not be the solution for the international corporation or even for a big local manufacturers. After your company reaches a certain size and number of your customers is growing or if your business is focused on the business-to-client communication such as call centers, you need to think about your support department and the way to make their work efficient and cost-effective.

Easy way to keep the processing of incoming or outgoing calls

CRM call center software is getting more and more popular – it keeps the processing of incoming or outgoing calls, requests and issues organized and clearly visible in the system, giving high management capabilities to the company. As practice shows, the vast majority of call center solutions provide similar functionality yet some of them offer features specific to the company and the field. Currently, CRM software for call center faces several main issues:

  • Confusing and complex view of the issues, when the employee faces difficulties in understanding the issue and has to go through the painful process of searching the answer in the system.
  • Difficulties in managing the incoming workload and in having clear visibility of task load in order to evaluate employees’ efficiency.
  • Accessibility of information in the system, identification of the issues and the capability to prevent them.
  • Unified environment for all the services for easy navigation and up-to-date information.

Bpm’online CRM offers the solution that can solve the above-mentioned issues and help increase customer satisfaction. Bpm’online CRM software with inbound call centers comes in two editions to provide clients with the most suitable functionality for their company, insuring the easy navigation and clear visibility.

Customer center

Customer center offers basic number of features, including several specialties that could be found only with the bpm’online.

Service enterprise

Service enterprise offers the same basic package of functionality and adds some more in order to keep an eye on the possible issues and the way of their resolution.

Request management

Use already packed in the system and out-of-the-box ready practices checked and polished by the world’s business experience. Models are there to be used for the most efficient case resolutions. Register and classify the cases, and the system will help you to prevent recurring incidents.

Problem management

Identified and stored in the unified database problems will be easier to deal with, as their complete history will show the way to solve the problem. Analyze the reasons of the problem and the system will show you the process for the resolution of the issue.

Change management

Change the system in order to avoid any issues and improve the service. Coordinate and approve change process. Be in control of the change implementation plan. Strong analytics will show you all the quantitative and qualitative process efficiency indicators.

Release management

Track, manage and analyze all the data connected to the release of the product, and analytics will help you to check on the efficiency of the implemented changes.

Service level management

Determine all the details of the service agreements and register them in the system. Hence, you will be able to serve different levels of customers according to their agreements.

Configuration management

Gather all your configuration items in the united database to have all their details at the tip of your fingers.

Knowledge management

Nowadays, information owns the world. Collect all the data in one database with easy navigation and clear visibility that will help you to solve most cases in several clicks.